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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama's Road Signs

 On I-5 (88 miles south of Seattle )

The federal government is now petitioning to have these signs removed or Washington state will be denied additional monies for interstate highways. 

The State of Washington replied, they will secede from the Union rather than be intimidated. These are a matter of free speech paid for by a private citizen.

It seems the Obama government uses intimidation and ignores the first amendment when they want to silence someone.

Northbound on I-5 near Chehalis , WA     (88 miles S of Seattle )


off the reservation said...

Unfortunately, the passage of the 16th Amendment was the beginning of the destruction of this country. As more and more Democrat congresses have held the majority, more and more power has been ceded to the executive.

The bass turd president that we have today has all the power to take what he wants and give away what he wants. He has all the power to appoint people that then have the very power of life and death over our heads. Congress has no longer chooses to have a say in the matter. Very little consent from congress is required for anything.

A major role of the US Constitution was to limit the power of the judiciary. Judges ruled the lands with an iron fist, deciding who would live or die, who would lose everything, prior to the revolution. Now the power is in the hands of this tyrant of a president. He gladly watches border agents executed and falls all over himself to apologize for a few books being discarded after they were used as illegal communications between terrorists.

I am going out today to purchase a Quran. I will then burn it tonight.

off the reservation said...

Auntie Em,

Where did you find the article about those signs?

Auntie Em said...

A friend sent me an email with them, but when I do a google search I found a discussion about whether they are real or not here:

I like them, real or not!

shuttindown said...

OTR - I regret that you will have to spend your hard earned money on it however. Better if you could find one that has been "blessed" by them and just take it to perform your "ceremony". Good to hear from you - I hope you are doing well these days...

Auntie Em said...

SD glad to see you visiting!!!

shuttindown said...

Auntie - I check in quite a bit but usually never stop long enough to add my 2 cents worth (ok, more like 1 cent, but who's counting :). Things went dry here for awhile, so I'm glad to see you working the site again. I wish some of the others from "that other place" would stop in once in a while too. How's everthin goin with ya?

Auntie Em said...

Let me guess, you are my visitor from Charleston?

I'm much better, just have a crappy job I hate that makes it hard to be creative. Infact it caused me to miss out on a writing job for a group covering Georgia legislative news. THAT would have been awesome. Oh well!

A couple other items in the works though, so by Mid-April things may be looking up.

Thanks for asking!

Spread the news, maybe we can get more visitors here.

off the reservation said...


Been a while. Good to hear from you. The world is getting crazy.

Had my ceremony. Started with .69 caliber medicine balls and a smoke pole. Seeing that the Quran was adequately shredded, I put a match to it. Unfortunately, I forgot to insert a ham sandwich. I could not find any water anywhere, so the next best thing that I could do was urinate on it to put it out. After succeeding in putting it out, I inserted the ham sandwich with bacon. From there, I was able to fry bacon.

I came across this today:

Now we have muslim judges in our country exercising Sharia from the bench. Lesson to learn from this is when some jerk is running directly at you, yelling "Allah is in the bar," pull out your best and keep squeezing the trigger until the body no longer twitches. Remember, points for shot grouping.

Buying another Quran today....

shuttindown said...

Auntie - you are correct. You make sure and let me know when ya come-a-visitin sometime and we'll all go out and put those Gilligans cooks to work. It would've been great for you to get that writing job - talk about a match made in heaven! Never give up (that's what they taught my son in karate as a wee lad - now he's Black Belt and an instructor for the JKI franchise here in the area). You keep going girl!

OTR brings yet another grin to my face as he describes the ceremony. I felt quite humbled - pious even, as you describe the holy ham and bacon communion and fell to my knees in thanks. Working on that shot grouping thing - I was born a myopic mess but am improving greatly on my squirrel plinking (ok - I admit I went out and bought a nice .177 with a scope), but whatever gets the job done, right?
You all have a great evening.

Auntie Em said...

LOVE Gilligan's! We might be out that way this summer, we'll send out a shout.

exeter989 said...

I do not understand the socialist claims made against Obama.

Many Conservatives believe we are on the precipice of disaster and that President Obama is a Socialist.

I think we were on the precipice of disaster when President Bush left office. The Stock Market had crashed; the banking system was badly damaged; and the economy had crashed.

We could have had a Second Great Depression but we did not.

The economic stimulus worked, whether of not those on the Right want to believe it or not.

It kept us from going into a second Great Depression and now we are starting to see a real economic recovery.

The economic stimulus was government action but it was not intended to turn us into a Socialist nation but to help our free-enterprise, Capitalistic economy recover.

And now the Stock Market is higher than it has ever been, and even with a weaker job reports for March than expected, the unemployment rate has fallen from 9.1% in August of 2011 to 8.2% now, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,

President Obama seems to be doing his best to help our economy recover from the disastrous economic policies of the previous Republican Administration not convert it into a Socialist, state-run economy.

And even though, the economy has a long ways to go, it is going in the right direction, and not on track to crash, as it was under President Bush.

And ObamaCare, as it is disparagingly called by those on the Right, even though it has some government regulations. is basically a way of allowing private insurance governments to provide health insurance for more of our citizens who do not have any.

ObamaCare, as it is called, needs to be judged on its merits, but it is not government-run health care. It is not Socialist.

Auntie Em said...

Ex, you need to check your data a bit closer. If you read all my posts, you will discover that I am NOT a Bush fan. He was a Republican Progressive, just as Obama is a Democrat Progressive. Not much difference.

HOWEVER, there is NOT a consensus on whether the stimulus worked as you try to indicate. This article by Ezra Klein reviews nine studies.

Even the unemployment figure has a slant to it, as they no longer count the people who have given up. And what of those jobs that HAVE been "created"? They are mainly low wage, temp jobs as this article (by Huffington amazingly) will tell you:

And what caused this economic downturn in the first place? Lefties keep trying to ignore the effect Clinton's expansion of the CRA had on the housing market and the creation of the bubble, along with Franks and Dodd. THOSE are your criminals. I'm generally against regulation, except when it comes to government programs and Fannie/Freddie should have had much more scrutiny during that time, but nooooo Barnie said all was right with the world and Congress refused to put in checks as many, including Bush, had asked.

And actually, just like the Great Deal prolonged the Great Depression, the Obama stimlus just made the recession last longer.

Obamacare? Your great scholar declaring that it passed with a majority when it barely squeaked just made me laugh. This program is only going to make insurance companies even more rich but you won't acknowledge that huh? And it is unconstitutional, but again, that doesn't bother progressives because they don't believe in the constitution.

Well let's see, I think I've knocked down all your points, but come back and try again!

Bignevermo said...

"Even the unemployment figure has a slant to it, as they no longer count the people who have given up."

The people that have given up have not been counted in the unemployment figures ever...this way of counting unemployment stats did not change with Obama.

Auntie Em said...

Big, you missing the point. The number of those who have given up, or as the DOL calls them "marginally attached to the work force or discouraged" is higher now than since before 2004.

And the DOL has been tracking them since 1967, but only listing them on the public reports since 1994.

There are currently around 86 million invisible Americans, invisible to you and Obama that is.

Anonymous said...

One of the signs should have read, [Obama]give me eight years and you won't recognize your cities.

Anonymous said...

Actually the passing of the 17th amendment was the beginning of the downfall of this country. The federal government existed at the pleasure of the the reverse is true because a critical balance of power was removed. The states now have no say in what their federal government does.

Anonymous said...

so this place is what the KKK looks like now!.

Anonymous said...

Fake signs. look at branches behind them.. identicle formations.. cut n paste words

Auntie Em said...

Sounds like the last four "anonymous" posts were by two, possibly three different people.

KKK? Really? That's the best you can do?

Anonymous said...

Who cares how many..3/4 are spot on..but you can see ip addys so you know how many people.. SMH

Anonymous said...

love thine enemies. im sure your god will be amused at you burning qurans. hypocrite. you are a very ignorant racist, hate filled little jew. go back to israel. you arent an american.

Anonymous said...

As a Washingtonian I can attest that these signs are not fake, they are on I-5 going northbound towards our state capitol. The other side needs to be heard in the conversation as well as we have just voted for marijuana and gay marriage.

ps. That is the other Washington, not DC!!!

Auntie Em said...

I don't waste my time checking on people like you. Could be one or more. Agree with which ever one said the 17th amendment was one of the worst things we've done, that was exactly right.

The rest of the crap is just that, crap.

There is nothing in any of my posts that could lead you to say I am racist. You ASSume I am racist because I disagree with the President and oh look he happens to be black! Guess what? That thinking on your part makes YOU racist.

Anonymous said...

The signs would be more effective if they weren't rife with spelling errors.

But I suppose that's an accurate reflection of the intellectual capacity of those who made them.

By now I hope it's clear to libertarians that Obama is no different from Bush or Clinton. They are all fascists, the definition of which is a belligerent nationalist who fosters the merger of corporate and state interests.

Obama is feeding the military-industrial complex machine even faster than his predecessors. More war, more giveaways to oil companies and defense companies, and the total eradication of civil liberties and the middle class.

Oh, and the establishment, through secret government intelligence agencies and their partners in the corporate world, of a pervasive surveillance state.

That ain't socialism. This is pure, unadulterated fascism and corporatism. It's about time the libertarians joined progressives in putting a stop to this insanity.

Anonymous said...

BS alert. the tree branches don't lie.

Anonymous said...

LOL Masterful. I love Americans. You just can't keep a good American down.

Auntie Em said...

LOL now I *KNOW* there are more than one anonymous posting.

BTW, I guess the moronic one didn't read the earlier posts.... we don't care if they are real or not, still funny, and still true!

Auntie Em said...

As one political talking head said at he was preparing to cover a liberal protest to his camera man "be sure to focus on the misspellings". Camera man took a quick look then said "they are ALL misspelled".

Anonymous said...

You are correct it is communist one minute and Sunni Muslim the next

Anonymous said...

You are correct it is communist one minute and Sunni Muslim the next

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to point out that those signs are likely real. On one you can see the shadow from the frame that supports the exchangeable sign. That means there are just a few locations, and but the messages can be changed as the owner desires, hence so many signs but the same background.

Anonymous said...

I am a native of Washington State. While I doubt the statement that Washington State would Secede from the union rather than force the Private Owner of these signs which by the way I have seen many times in my travels to and from Seattle and Portland OR. Outside the Leftist liberal Seattle, Olympia and points between, that would be the case but Not so in the Left Coast areas of the state. Still the private owner of these signs have been doing this now for generations and will keep doing it for as long as they own the land and can use the freedom of speech guaranteed by our Constitution which it seems most Democrats as well as this imitation President are attempting to undermine.

Jeff Dorn said...

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Anonymous said...

To bad you don't understand the pitfalls of fractnal banking or kenysian economics then you would understand why we conservatives are so worried about the black man in the white house, hint you can't print your way outta debt nor can you borrow your way outta debt, just look at history and the nations that tried. If then you still like Obama then your free to move to Cuba that is the end result of these policies

modulemaster said...

Poor clueless Exeter.

Please take a dollar bill out of you pocket. On the president head side in the upper left just above the "F" seal you will read in small font: "THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE". Now fire up some neurons and google. I have shown you the entrance of the rabbit hole.

Hamilton said...


Your fault is that you're being too literal. I'm sure legal tender is meant to pay off debts, but that doesn't mean the U.S. is meant to carry a debt 7 times our GDP, for decades. That's absurd. The problem with printing money is that that currency is not backed by labor, therefore not backed by value. Printing money devalues labor which then devalues money. When labor and money have no value, there is no economy and no medium for which to exchange goods and services.