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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"You didn't build that!"

My boss and I pay the taxes that pay the salaries of teachers. My boss and I pay the taxes that pay for new roads and bridges and pave existing ones. My boss and I pay the taxes that pay for firemen, police, etc.

So Mr. President, it is not government that enables business to exist, but it is WE THE PEOPLE that enable government to exist!!!


HR Human said...


off the reservation said...

And in the 2008 presidential election, Obama also said:

"when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody."

A very large number of people turning out to vote (a number of them early AND often) eat this stuff up. This is what the lazy slugs with nothing to do want to hear from Obama. Right now, his machine is doing what it can to get people off of unemployment by using SS disability. Then the employment numbers improve. Meanwhile, he keeps buying their votes.

The decreasing number of people that believe in building their own business and running their own business is of no concern to the mighty dictator. This ever-increasing population of losers want to hear one thing, how Obama is going to tear down the achievers because high achievers just do not "fight fair."

To hell with this treasonous bass turd. To hell with everything that oozes of his filth and stench. Obama is a thieving Chicago thug that needs to be removed from office, thoroughly investigated for his crimes, tried in a court of law in the light of day, and his sentence executed for the world to see that socialist pigs that violate the office in this country will inevitably meet their demise. There can be no peace without justice.

off the reservation said...

All of this is coming down to how we handle the divorce. Liberals and Conservatives cannot coexist. Liberals are always wanting more because "it feels good" or "it is the right thing to do." They believe that wealth is finite and when someone jumps out there to get ahead, doing so steals from someone else.

Conservatives want liberty and freedom to work hard, earn what they have, and achieve. Conservatives understand that wealth has no limits and is generated by people who know no limits.

Liberals see themselves as the elitists, only one capable of coming up with the noble ideas. Government is their vehicle to enable their "great" ideas while it is up to those "high achievers" to handle those mundane dirty details. And if those dirty little Cretans do not want to go along, well, we can get the government to hold a gun to their heads to make that happen.

Conservatives see government as an evil necessary for providing protection. Beyond that, it is corrupt and knows no bounds.

We are where we are today through compromise. Over a hundred years of compromise to the progressives and liberals. No more. It cannot go any further. For the liberal to push more means most certain rebellion and the shedding of blood.

We can either divorce on unpleasant but amicable grounds. We stake out our boundaries in this country. We the conservatives, take the Constitution and live by it. The liberals have Karl Marx.

Problem is, this divorce will not happen peaceably. The liberals know they need the labors of conservatives to survive. They will cling to their elitism and conservative slaves to the death. Conservative will demand their freedom, liberty, and rights to the death.

The most horrible clashes occur between neighbors. Everybody sees no ground to budge. Today, we no longer have justice in the system as liberals have gone hog wild slathering themselves in the fruits of their slaves. The liberals like to throw out phrases. The one I like the best is "No Peace Without Justice." Well, liberals, your chickens are coming home to roost.