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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I voted, I voted!!!

Feel so proud every time I do that! Bet you can't guess for who!

Took an hour and 45 minutes for advanced voting, it's gonna be a zoo on Tuesday. We all noticed something though. For all the talk about the youth getting out to vote, there was not ONE repeat NOT ONE young person in that very long line. Hmmmmm.

Oh and so exciting, there were in addition to Bob Barr, three other libertarians on the ballot for local stuff! Kewl huh. Yes I voted for them.

For our Senate, there was Saxby Chambliss-R, and Jim Martin-D. Martin has been running lying ads about how Saxby is wanting to raise the prices of everything 23%. Okay, either Jimbo is lying or he understands NOTHING about the Fair Tax. Morons.

Anyway, Sheldon is taking Sunday off so we can go to the Fair Tax rally in Macon, GA. Hope to see ya'll there!


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Tara O'Rourke said...

Way to go Joyce...wish I could send my youngsters to vote...LOL...