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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wish him and the country luck

Will I watch? No, I haven't watched before when it was someone I agreed with. Should I watch just because he is the first black man? I have an issue with that. To me, and it's just strictly the way I see things, is that doing something just because someone is a certain race or belief is just as bad as NOT doing something for the same reason.

It's a milestone in our racial relationships that is certain. Should it be celebrated? Only if we at the same time recognize that it still indicates how far we have to go.

Wouldn't it have been something indeed if a black man could get his party's nomination, campaign and win an election and serve his term without one time the word "black" having been used? THAT to me would indicate that we had finally overcome our racial differences. When we no longer have hyphenated Americans but just Americans recognizing that our differences make us strong not "different" and that one side is not any more patriotic or intelligent than the other.

Wish Obama well. Wish Bush well. I think the office deserves respect, too bad Bush isn't getting any. Even when I couldn't stand Clinton, I didn't bash him. Cannot tolerate Bush Bashers or any other presidential bashers.

Now about those Steelers.....

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