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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taylor Bryant, Candidate Richmond County School Board District 6

As a libertarian, I have been trying to get the word out on candidates running for local office. I've been very pleased there are so many this election cycle. And very high quality candidates at that!

Many of you Georgians I've talked into voting for John Monds as Governor, Chuck Donovan for US Senate. Now I'd like you to check out Taylor Bryant, Richmond County School Board District 6.

Taylor and I have been "chatting" back and forth on facebook and email and he has agreed to a blog interview. Enjoy!

LW We've all seen how throwing money at education nets us zero result in increased test scores and ss someone with an education background and a libertarian, what do you plan to do in order to A) improve education in Georgia and B) keep the costs down?

TBryant Money is not the answer. We just received $16.7 million from the "race to the top" fiasco for the next four years. Sounds great, right? That is only $126 per student per year. Many programs will be started with this money, and then it will dry up, leaving unfunded programs four years later.

We are top heavy in administration, paying millions in salary for personnel with no direct contact or advantage to children. We are wasting resources in an antiquated bidding process fraught with corruption. Taxes are rising, class sizes are exploding, and all the BOE can discuss is who is going to get a new gym or stadium. I understand strong athletics can get our kids to colleges, but I'd rather them not fail when they show up there.

I have plans to replace school buses with ones that will operate on natural gas provided at no cost by the local landfill. This would be a joint effort with the city to defray start up costs. As a side effect, we would reduce the diesel particulate emissions keeping Augusta free of EPA sanctions. We would still use diesel buses for field trips out of town, keeping a mixed fleet. Studies show within 5 years we could save $6 million dollars, eliminating the need for half of our furlough days.

LW: Citizens of Georgia and the nation have all either suffered setbacks in salaries, outright loss of jobs or have family members in that situation. Will you ask the same of state law makers in their attempts to play to special interest groups with their hands out?

TBryant: Special interest do not outnumber the individual of Richmond County, and it's about time people around here start recognizing that. The problem is that most people turn a blind eye to such transactions, thinking there is no stopping them. I will always default to my libertarian position of taxpayer and citizen protection.
LW: An issue of increasing interest in the Augusta area is the "Nuisance Ordinance". Do you view this as a means to clean up Augusta or as an assault on personal property rights? Is there a balance to be found?

TBryant: I have spoken to Butch Palmer and Lori Davis in the beginning about the CNPO, advising them that the constitutionality may be in question, and was ignored mostly. I was not surprised that it was struck down. I don't think what they are asking is out of the question and is tantamount to proper landlord responsibility. I think a licensing agreement per residence with the city would be a proper compromise.

LW: How would you implement a transparent and responsible government?

TBryant: The short answer, I'm a blabbermouth! Unfortunately, I am only one vote on a panel of ten. Citizen involvement is also key. I would like to start a "parent union" to try to get parents involved. Think of a system wide PTA, with parents from all different schools getting together sharing ideas and solutions. I cannot do this alone!

LW: JOBS is Job One, I think you would agree. What are your plans and mostly importantly what would be your time table to accomplish?

TBryant: Vocational training is the way to go with getting more industry into the CSRA. This has worked in Greenville, SC and my hometown of North Charleston, SC. An aircraft plant broke ground there bringing 6,000 jobs with it. We have the cheap real estate and a willing local government. We are missing a tax break structure and skilled employees. I can help with one out of two.

Augusta gets most of it's jobs from the taxpayers. We, as libertarians, know this is a perfect example of Bastiat's "Broken Window Fallacy." Private organizations have to start setting up shop or we are in trouble.

LW: So there you have it Georgia. 19 days, what are you going to do?


Auntie Em said...

Thanks Shane!!

Auntie Em said...

Thanks Shane!!

shuttin down said...

We've had some good people on the Charleston County School Board, but it was always slanted to the "bad side" because these good folk were (and are) always in the minority. But to be fair, CCSD has not had the extent of school outrages I've seen happening elsewhere in this country. But let me tell you what's really hilarious is that we managed to dump the superintendent, Dr. (yes - Doctor) Maria Goodloe Johnson off on Seattle a couple of years ago, and it was GOOD Riddance. Of course, she was received with much fanfare and ticker tape as a miracle worker (HUH???WTF???) Still, we wiped our brow and sighed relief, and waited...and waited...and waited.. and..waited..
Ah Ha - there it is! On their latest contract vote she was given a no confidence score (nearly unanimous I think) by the teachers, and from what I understand the parents aren't real happy either.
Seeeaaattttlllle - GOTCHA!

Auntie Em said...

Oh that's rich! I wonder if we can pull that with a couple of our local commissioners....

Auntie Em said...

Oh and I LOVE Charleston BTW. I think we would move there is we had money to retire. Gilligan's out on St. John's I think it is, YUMMY hushpuppies, had to get two boxes of their special mix.

shuttin down said...

Gilligans! My wife's favorite restaurant.
C'mon down. The property values are definitely buyers market.

Auntie Em said...

Ahhhh the thought of trying to sell this place ..... tough market here. But we come down to visit every couple of years so may give ya a shout next time.

shuttin down said...

Please be sure to do that if you are in the area. Our email address is