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Friday, May 4, 2012

Cure for Julia

I like this version of "The Life of Julia" instead:


off the reservation said...

Notice that the tragedy of liberal victimhood begins in public school. Public schools are a cesspool of communist/liberal teaching. Public schools are run by liberal teachers and coaches. Anyone who sends their children to a public school is abusing their own children and setting them up for failure as adults.

Yes, in any population some will excel in public school to become highly educated. This happens despite the liberal environment.

Look at how few public high school graduates have jobs out there. Look at the large numbers of stupid people that went on to get their college degrees in programs that have no value to humanity. The vast majority of these losers came from public schools and now carry great debt expecting people like me to give up my hard earned living for the gross stupidity of their parents.

All you liberals talk about how important it is to take away money from the "rich" out there and give it to all these people that cannot get a job. Their rationale? If the money is not given away these out of work losers will form gangs and come to their homes to steal everything we have.

I am one of those "rich" people you liberals hate so much. I left the reservation with nothing. Today, you liberals want it all to give to your filthy government to buy more votes, to suck in more people to make government the center of their universe.

Let me give you liberals something to think about. This man you steal from may show up and darken your door someday. I grew up learning about the bow, the knife, the hatchet. I learned to stalk my prey. I learned how to kill quickly with very little. I learned about pain points. I learned to blend in, a talent I have used well to blend in with liberals to find where they live, where they congregate, where they sip their fine wines, where they smoke their fine Cuban cigars, and where they pontificate their liberal elitist views.

Who should the liberal fear more? Someone who shoots up on cocaine and lives in their parent's basement is not something to fear.

off the reservation said...

By the way, did anyone notice that the sack of shiite Obama officially launched his bid on the birthday of Karl Marx? I know, I know, just another amazing coincidence.

I guess he is just moving FORWARD!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you're a jerk. You don't agree with someone so you're just going to knife them?

I think you're some sort of backward retard jackin off in your mammie's bathroom. If you're so rich you shuld be happy about that and happy you can pay the taxes. Other people are not as luck as you.

Auntie Em said...

"Lucky"? Yeah that explains everything. Look if want to discuss things in an intelligent manner, ok. Otherwise go home.

off the reservation said...

Mr. Anonymous,
Congratulations, you figured me out. I am a lucky man. I keep up my extravagant life style in southwest Texas, out here on my horse, keeping after the cattle by purchasing my monthly lottery tickets. Unlucky for you, you cannot figure out the winning numbers.

All about luck? I was lucky to grow up on a reservation where the USeless Govt broke its treaty to my tribe to provide medical, law enforcement, education, and subsistence. When I was eleven, I was lucky to contract TB with seven others from my tribe. We were confined to a block building, left without any medical assistance, to suffer and die. I watched seven people, male, female, children, slowly and horribly die over the course of a year. But I was lucky to be confined to a bed where I would cough so much that I would cough up blood and pieces of lung. But I was so lucky to be in that bed for every time that I tried to stand up I would not be able to catch a breath, become dizzy, and pass out. Lucky, that on very hot humid nights, I would sweat and shiver uncontrollably all night as to never sleep. Unlucky for liberals, I survived and recovered.

I was lucky to work harvesting tobacco, sugar cane, and citrus where I witnessed fatal accidents involving large equipment. I was lucky to be in the Army, in another country where members of my unit died from a remotely triggered incendiary device. I woke up days later in an Army facility with pieces of bone and teeth in my body from my fellow soldiers. The tiny pieces of equipment had been found and dug from my flesh. I was lucky to spend a few years in VA getting myself off of pain medications and physical therapy so I could function without the USeless Govt in my life.

My goodness, Mr. Anonymous, you are so right. I am so lucky. So read my words. I do not care what you are. I do not care if you are a quadriplegic confined to a wheel chair for the rest of your life. You are a LOOSER. You are filled with the self-pity of a loathsome little toad. Do us all a favor. Find someone with a gun that they can put to the side of your head and pull the trigger. For you are too cowardly.

From what I have witnessed of liberals like you, many have had a good life with all sorts of opportunities, just to throw them away, sit at home watching the TV, taking worthless college courses on gender issues, and making NOTHING of yourself.

I always get up. I always come back. When the time comes there is a war in this country you can count on someone like me to be there to end your pathetic “unlucky” existence.

shuttindown said...

The only "luck" that silly anonymous poster needed was to have had someone like OTR come along explain the facts of life to him while he still had a chance to make a decent go of it. Alas, I can tell from his limited commentary that it's much too late for that now............

off the reservation said...


Good to see you.

Unfortunately, we are in a target-rich environment today.

These wonderful storms have cleared out. Beautiful weather out here. I have not seen it this green in a long time and the cattle are putting on the good weight. Amazing view over green prairie, deep blue sky, and pale painted bluffs in the distance.

Bless you my friend.