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Saturday, February 9, 2013

2nd Amendment Celebration on the Commons

It was a beautiful day, great speakers, wonderful people in attendance.  Our newly elected sheriff Richard Roundtree even made an appearance.  Local LEO's enjoyed themselves also!

All in all, a great way to celebrate the Bill of Rights.

And local news coverage:


of the reservation said...

At a point in the ancient history of our country, the media functioned to offset power abuses of the government by exposing them. Today, the media functions to serve a severe liberal agenda. They are self-serving and enjoy the fact that they have special privileges and believe that they have power over elements of the government. With the election/reelection of Obama, how can they believe otherwise??? Absolute power...

The USeless F(ocking)ederal Govt is taking everything away from us. The media stands by cheering on the govt.

I can only imagine that had gun ownership in California been on par with gun ownership in Texas, there would have been far fewer abuses of power and injury to civilians. Instead, the police can act with complete impunity knowing that if they engaged an innocent civilian in California that civilian would never fire back in self-defense.

I believe that civilians should be allowed to arm themselves to the level that our paramilitary police forces arm themselves. Further, the paramilitary forces need to be seriously scaled back. For most of the history of our country, police relied upon posse's to assist during extraordinary attacks from criminal element. Even as recent as the tower incident in Austin, civilians were deputized to use their high-powered rifles to shoot at the sniper, keeping him occupied while the police stormed his position. Oh, and how many of those deputized civilians harmed other civilians while pinning down the assailant????

shuttindown said...

Hmmm - you know, it's interesting what I see in those pictures. Very few picket signs, no litter on the grounds, people are decently dressed. I see calm and purpose. And I would be willing to bet there was none of this annoying brain-dead incessant CHANTING going on. In short, it seems to be a gathering of an extremely non-liberal nature.........
Funny how that always seems to be the case. Liberal events are always loud filthy littered vulgar scenes ensconced in a rich velvety sauce of chaos.
Conservative/libertarian events - orderly respectable clean. Classy.
BTW, anyone know if they trashed the landscape at this inauguration as badly as they did during the first one?
I swear, those people would shit in their own drinking water if they thought nobody was looking.........

Auntie Em said...

It was great. Our newly elected was there and seemed to be enjoying himself. The officers who we had to hire were all smiling and listening intently. Everyone had guns but after a short while it just didn't seem odd at all as no one was "brandishing". It's just part of who we are.

We walked the grounds after the event to pick up what trash there might be and really had to look for any and that was only cigarette butts, very few of those.

It was a great day, lots of media coverage in the local area and our party gained a lot of recognition and respect. Many people from both the GOP and Dems came up to us and said we could work together on different projects and THAT MJ is how it is supposed to be.

The Atlanta rally had about 400. It was a little rainy but their population is almost 10 times ours so per capita I'd say ours was the most successful in Georgia.

Mother Jones said...

You've had your time to demonstrate the responsibilities that come with gun ownership. So, we the people of the United States will make you gun owners responsible for the damage you have caused.

Look at California. We'll put in place much needed reasonable measures to make gun owners pay for their damage. We'll stop crazy people like you from owning assault weapons. You have no reason to own your bushmasters.

Auntie Em said...

MJ when you abuse the constitution you do not get to use the phrase "we the people" because you obviously do not understand nor respect the constitution.

Auntie Em said...

We have caused NO damage. Because of a few individuals who already break all the laws, you want to abuse the rights of all the rest of us.

And it is not up to you to decide what we have the right to own. Go study what the word "own" means.

Once you let the government decide what any of us can own, then YOU will be losing ownership of many items.

shuttindown said...

This is too rich. Was just browsing the TV Guide website, and here's the current Watchlist tally for 3 programs airing tonight at 9:00 p.m.
SOTU - 111
Tosh.o (rerun) - 113
Big Bang (rerun) - 1326

For some, I need to point with emphasis that the SOTU is NOT - I repeat - is NOT - a rerun.

(or is it....................hmmm?)

By God, there IS hope for this country yet!