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Sunday, February 24, 2013

For once I agree with Obama!


of the reservation said...

The manufactured crisis has not yet started. Another crisis must be manufactured in order to get the people concerned about the manufactured crisis on Friday.

Start layoffs of federal employees this week in anticipation. Obama did not get the reaction he was after. Start letting all those illegal aliens lose today. That should get some attention. The liberal media going right along with it. What other crisis will be created tomorrow?

Total expenditures 2012: $3.796 trillion
Total expenditures 2011: $3.630 trillion
Difference.....................: $0.196 trillion

The difference is $196 billion. The manufactured crisis is $85 billion.

The slow-go thinkers are many and unable to do the math. Just like Hitler, Obama is playing the crowd. Obama has threatened the safety of the people that live along the border with Mexico. Notice how this filthy sack of black shiite plays lives off to get his power. Just like Custer, he is provoking people, threatening their livelihoods.

That is what the liberals want. They bully the natives around just like Custer's 7th Cav. What tyrants never realize is that there is a Custer's Last Stand. It happens to them eventually.

Anonymous said...

"Abuse people and they tend to get angry. Abuse them long enough – without repercussions – and the anger eventually explodes."

Anonymous said...

"Further, it turns out the dollars-and-cents impact this year is not nearly what officials have been claiming. While officials typically say the cuts this year add up to $85 billion, the Congressional Budget Office estimates actual spending will only fall by $44 billion this year."

shuttindown said...

Hell, I don't think the average voter is able to convert the numbers into a lower proportionate difference. In fact, if we told them that saving $85B out of $3.796T is the same difference as saving $85.00 out of $3,796.00, they would probably stare at you with a blank expression or outright denial. Because they can understand and relate to those numbers, and would plainly see how ludicrous it really is. And if Anon is correct, we stand to save a whopping 44 dollars out of nearly 3800 dollars. You have to have an IQ of 7 or lower to not see how asinine this is. At an IQ of 8 and above, it is clearly understandable even to those who cannot beat the rat in a maze race.

shuttindown said... those who would say "Hey, it's better than saving nothing", I say wrong wrong wrong. A furlough of federal employees - particularly within the DoD - will cause a backlog of various tests, certifications, and calibrations of weapons systems, comms systems, propulsion and power plants - the list goes on and on.

Because like it or not, the military simply cannot perform everything that needs to be done in doing a shakedown following new construction or an extensive yard upkeep period, or getting a ship ready for deployment. How about installing an upgrade to an EAW system and then certifying it? Sorry - it requires a large workforce of civilians - subject matter experts - to get in there and carry a large part of the load.
So go ahead idiots, furlough away and then stand back when the repair bills start coming in for corrective maintenance because system x or y had minor problems that escalated into system-wide problems. And all that testing, cert, and cals waiting in the wings - yeah - it'll get done because that's how our military rolls. Ever heard of overtime? In the long run, saving $85B is going to cost hundreds of billions to recover from neglect and back-to-back workloads needed to get our machines back to combat readiness.
So we're not saving squat - we're creating a larger spending potential.

Mother Jones said...

Isn't this argument old and tired yet? Who's the low-information crowd? To you everything is this make believe world of makers and takers.

I find it fascinating that Republicans are pro corporate welfare and low inheritance taxes while claiming to be for personal responsibility and hard work.

of the reservation said...


My dog-loving friend, Greetings!

From where I am sitting, this whole furlough, cut troops, is entirely fabricated. The funding cuts are on the increases this year. For every $1 increase of expenditures that will get heaped on the base line from last year, they will have to give back $0.02. That means if they were planning to hire 100 people this year then they have to settle for hiring 98.

Thing is, there really is nothing keeping Obama from doing anything regarding where the money goes. We have been under continuing resolutions for many years. Obama has violated federal law repeatedly by not submitting his budget to Congress every February.

We are seeing repeatedly that Obama's horror stories of layoffs are complete BS. All those teachers to be laid off? That was a total lie. The feds do not employ teachers.

How about those furloughs for IRS agents after April 15? The IRS does that every year. Nothing new here. I know a few vets who work for the IRS. They get furloughed after the big return push has been processed every year.

The USeless F(ocking)ederal Govt continues to hire!

The president is required under the Constitution to FAITHFULLY EXECUTE the duties of his office. If the president is keeping people from doing their jobs, if people are getting laid off, it is because Obama is shifting money to other areas of the federal govt (e.g., Obama phones, disability claims for depression, etc.). Has anyone heard about unemployment benefits being stopped? Any form of benefit for his demographic base being cut???

(...crickets chirping...)

Impeachment is definitely in order. Obama is a derelict, as in, he is refusing to do his job. In fact, he is committing malfeasance, nonfeasance, and misfeasance.

Anonymous said...

==> Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) claimed today that "over 170 million jobs" could be lost due to sequestration.


of the reservation said...

Yo Mama Jones,

Tell me, where are all the cuts happening in the unemployment, disability for unemployment depression, ObamaYoMama phones, and all the other free-bees happening?

I bet the secret service and Holder's Justice people do not see any cuts. Same for Sebelius and her crew.

Yo! Mama!