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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Austan Goolsbee

Oh this man is an idiot. But I listened to him on the news a moment ago and understand by the left is so wealth envy. He was talking about how the "wealthy" had received tax cuts for so many years while the middle class was being squeezed and that was the reason we are in the shape we are now in.

Okay, who wants to point out the fallacy in this thinking? Number one, tax cuts for the wealthy. Has this guy not ever studied "trickle down economics"? Worked fine for many years before the government got involved. I know I benefitted from wealthy receiving tax cuts cause they created jobs!!! One thing to remember folks, the jobs do NOT belong to the employees, they belong to the employer! Without these employers no one has a job. Unless you work for the government. See how long that lasts without "wealthy" support.

Number two: I really believe the definition for "middle class" has changed. Or some call them the worker class (very socialist of them). Of course I've never known an entrepreneur, small business owner or even CEO work harder than I've ever worked but that doesn't count. What is the middle class? It seems to be a moving target depending on what agenda the left is pushing at the time. Sometimes it's anyone making under $75,000. Sometimes it's under $30,000. When I was a poor little girl (sniff sniff) the middle class to me was very well off. They had two cars, a nice house (that they could afford) and most of all they went on real vacations! They worked very hard for these things, went to college and made sure their kids went to college. They worked toward their retirement. Are these still the middle class or does the left treat them as the evil rich? The left seems to think that all these things they worked so hard are the RIGHTS of the poor?!

Number Three: tax cuts without spending cuts do not work so no, tax cuts by themselves are not a good idea. Of course no one in Washington can wrap their minds around spending cuts OH NO!!! That is something for the evil rich to do, cut spending. And just once I would like someone in Washington to admit that it was the idiotic housing bills starting in 1995 that got us in this mess. Come on, admit it. You ALL had a hand in that. And you were warned on multiple times that subprime lending without regulation was asking for trouble. Well we got trouble.

And this Goolsbee fool is in charge of the recovery program oh my.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog by Googling "Goolsbee is an idiot". I only saw him on CNBC this morning for a few seconds but my reaction to him is always the same. "This guy is an idiot." And thats not even a reaction to his misguided understanding of economics. It's a reaction to how he comports himself and his poor language skills. This from Yale Universities Greatest Debater?!?

God help us all.

Auntie Em said...

Hey Anon! Hope you stick around to read some of the more recent posts.