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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am a Domestic Terrorist!

Thanks to Geri for bringing this to my attention yesterday.

The Missouri Information Analysis Center has issued "guidelines" on what the law enforcement groups should watch out for. And that includes militias. And according to them, militias support third party groups such as LIBERTARIANS!!!! So they are watching for bumper stickers from Ron Paul, the LP, the Constitution Party and FairTax supporters or anyone with signs or stickers advocating the abolishment of the IRS.

The MIAC is an offshoot of Homeland Security, part of the Fusion Center process.

It's been on several blog sites, but has also been reported in the Kansas City Star:

Kansas City Star

And Glenn Beck covered it in detail. He went through a list of questions on what could land you on a "watch list". I am in BIG dodo!! LOL, these people really need a life. And they say we are paranoid.

Sample Questions:

Do you think Obama will take away your 2nd Amendment rights?

Do you participate in chat rooms on the internet?

I'm serious. Who's gonna bail me out? Any one?


Geri said...

Yea... it was legit huh?

Auntie Em said...

Yes ma'am! I gotta say I really am shocked that they could be this asinine. Wait till PrezBO gets back to Washington and reads my email (yeah right). I'll be on another list....

ladynurse4 said...

i won't be able to bail you out....i will be right in there with you. we are Ron Paul supporters here and even belong to a republican club with his name as part of it.
My son goes to a private Classical Christian school and I have a bumper sticker for that too. So I am double whammy-ed.
Oh, almost forgot, I have a bumper sticker for our local republican state rep. on my car too.