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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Huffpo sends "reporters" to cover Tea Parties

Of course they weren't real reporters just fans of the liberal site. And they could sign up to be a Huffy correspondent!!! Oh joy, they were so happy, bet they felt something up and down their legs... oh that was bad. Almost as bad as all the gross references to teabagging.

And they really feel they did good. But the comments were pretty lame, and the "reporters" could only concentrate on the signs from some attendees that were out of hand. There were some accusations that these extreme signs were also plants of the left but don't know for sure.

What I do know, is that any protest on either side will ALWAYS have extreme people. But, there was NO violence at any of the Tea Party protests or FairTax Rallies. Left can't always say that. The G20 protests certainly can't, I saw blood on people's faces, broken windows, vandalized cars.

And HuffPo is trying it's best to turn our protests into racial hate filled meetings. They don't get it. We do. And the politicians will get it come 2010.

Enjoy a few moments of ignorance:

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