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Sunday, April 12, 2009

More invasions of privacy?

My other passion in life is scrapbooking. One of my scrapping buddies and sometime contributor here is Tara. She found this on another blog. Possibly making us liable for products we recommend on a blog for crying out loud. What's Next?

Blogging Liability

I don't think this has gone through yet but I just never feel comfortable waiting to see. Or lackadaisical as I made the mistake of saying elsewhere (sorry TTR).


Tara O'Rourke said...

Doesn't this just irritate you to NO END? I mean, seriously...taking away our freedoms a little at a time...and I posted that on OSU just for you...LOL

Jen said...

I agree! This is wrong!

Auntie Em said...

You so bad Tara!!! You knew I couldn't resist!

I want you both to read "Atlas Shrugged". It's very long but VERY in tune with today even though it was written in the 50's.