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Friday, December 4, 2009

Notes for climate change debate

These are a lot of miscellaneous notes I've been collecting on global warming, climate change, whatever you want to call it. Enjoy!

Methane gas levels are a key element of Anthroprogenic Global Warming BUT they are NOT INCREASING as required by the Goracle's poition (how inconvenient):

And ocean tempatures are falling, as a result, sea ice amounts are increasing, which is not in the Goracle's plans (remeber the Polar Bears?

And finally, more truth about the debate in IRANIAN newspapers than the New York Times and other American newspapers.

Conclusion: If it weren't for the internet, The Goracle and his liberal allies would have won this argument through the control of information if it weren't for alternate information sources.
Consensus among scientists? Hardly. 31,000 have said no.


Analysis on Cap & Trade by US House of Representatives, Oversight Committee:


And one of my favorite items:

A sub surfacing in open water - AT THE NORTH POLE! In 1959 no less.

Main point here folks is, the earth has been for a very long term. The species of man, not so long. We don't have a clue what the historical records are, we've only been recording them for about 150 years. Now we are trying to gather past points from the evidence left behind in various forms like unmelted glacial and polar ice, fossilized records, even rocks. But we haven't even scratched the surface! To think that mankind, with our extremely short presence on this planet, could in any way damage it, is just plain arrogance. I read a great line on a forum today, all id's are semi anonymous, wish I could give him credit, but he said all of man's co2 emissions don't even add up to one volcanic burp!!!! Love that one. Thanks "Dave".

We can and should continue to find sources of energy that are sustainable, cheap and non-polluting. But there is NO scientific consensus that we should run for the hills, under a table, quit eating meat, etc. Infact, the only reason man became an intelligent part of the earth was through the protein from meat and COOKING it! Ask any anthropologist. We NEED that meat. Course that could explain why libs are so stupid.... pardon me I digress.

NO to Copenhagen, NO to the crap & tax bill. That would destroy our economy and then where would we be, warming and cooking with charcoal and wood fires, now THAT is what is called an unintended consequence.


butt neckid said...

whaaaaat!?!?!......the sky ain't fallin???????

what am I gonna do with all of these carbon credits owlgore sold me???????

J Cooper said...

Debate,what debate,we don't need no stinkin debate! Robert Gibbs said so.

Oh my,what is a poor gubment educated southern country boy to do?

LiberalHater said...

This reminds me of the famous saying by George Carlin, "The earth isn't going anywhere, we are."

butt neckid said...

damn's gubmInt.....

it used to be a great job!!!!

huh?? what am I talkin' 'bout......

well being a weatherman....not the terrorist group......the guy that gets the weather wrong on picnic day.......

some places have 4 seasons some have aridzona.....damn stinkin' desert....

anyway.....all the weather guy had to do just before goin' on air was look out the you gotta trade in sum carbon credits......what the hell are carbon credits anyway????