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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Massachusetts Health Care

This was to be the shining example of what Obamacare would be for our nation. But this week, Massachusetts Treasurer Tim Cahill is reporting that their health care program is bankrupting the state.

Revenues have not been realized, rules in the system have not been followed. Incoming citizens or students moving into the working world and off their parents plans are supposed to wait six months before being eligible for the state program. All too often, bureaucrats are looking the other way as these new entrants, most of whom can't afford their own premiums, have been rushed into the medicaid based system.

Since medicaid/medicare reimbursements to hospitals have been reduced by 40%, many hospitals are experiencing financial crisis. Seven hospitals that care for the majority of the poor are going bankrupt and are filing suit against the state.

Premiums have gone up. More than premiums in most states.

In the annual budget for Massachusetts, the line item for health care has increased 52%.

Massachusetts has one advantage over a Federally run system, they can make changes in their system much easier to save their system. Or they could if they didn't have the federal government playing games with medicare reimbursements and having to wait till this vote on national healthcare is over. Right now, they are in limbo.

Great stuff huh??? And we keep hearing from the Democratic leaders that this bill is just the beginning.

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butt aghast neckid said...

W O W!!!!! I'm SHOCKED.....SHOCKED I SAY!!!!

the sound that should be heard 'round the world after this phrase.........

"Hello we're from the gubmint....we're here to help".....

should sound like this......

BANG!!!!! BANG!!!!! followed shortly by a THUMP....THUMP.....

who would have guessed that a gubmint program in the 21st century would be unsuccessful?????