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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Failure of the United States Senate

United States Senate has invalidated it's own mission and ignored it's own history. Originally chosen by the individual states legislatures, they were sent to Washington as a representative of their state. Now, we have direct vote and the senators now listen more to the lobbyists and special interest groups.

They have become nothing more than an extension of the House, going along with whatever party is in control in the Senate and ignoring the needs and limitations of their state. Forget whether their state can handle the mandates established by Washington. States are no longer represented.

This was designed to keep Congress from passing too many bills and constantly "transforming" our republic. Legislation was never intended to be easy. It was MEANT to be a hard job to get bills, regulations through. That way, only those issues that truly represented the overwhelming good of the republic would pass. And that does not mean 51%!!!

Harry Reid, you have NO RIGHT to block any vote.


off the reservation said...

One more step in the process of stripping the sovereignty of the states. When the whole ObamaHellScare bill was passed there was nobody to ask about the impact it would have on the states. Because there was nobody in Washington left that represented the interests of the states.

For the past several weeks I have been out with a horse and several pack mules surveying gravid cattle for this spring. Heard very little about what has been happening. Fortunately, I have had Butt Neckid's email to keep me in touch.

Leading up to 1860 a lot of friction going on between the fed and the states. Everybody talks about slavery today because the winners rewrote history that way. The big beef? The fed was playing with taxes, export/import controls, organizing industrial plants in the north. The corporate special interests in the north wanted the Ag interests of the south penalized for selling their crops to Britain, a better trade for the southern interests. The northern interests wanted Washington, DC to force punishing tarrifs and higher taxes on the south, experiencing employment problems because of it, so that the south would "give" their crops to the newly forming industrial complex in the north. More and more, the state legislatures in the south were ignored regarding their rights in these matters.

A lot of similarity today. Now the states no longer have a voice in Washington, DC. Why should the Fed care if 27 states are suing over the Fed trampling their sovereignty? Some of these states have already passed laws making the new Health Care law illegal within the boundaries of their own states.

Today we have a Central Govt making their own regulations outside the legislative process and telling the states that CO2 is a poison gas. How are the state legislatures supposed to rebut all that crap when their conduit has been robbed of them.

Many of the problems leading up to the uprising in 1860 are resurfacing now. Many of the same mistakes are being made again. If 27 states gave Obama the big one finger salute then what?

Several weeks in a saddle can sure give you one big USeless Govt program in the Butt.

butt confuzzied neckid said...

Heeeeey!!! watch out how you use the word BUTT!!!

I keeps tellin' ya an' tellin' ya...


yet they keep gittin' re-elected...they should FEAR US!!!

an' 'member that list I tol' ya 'bout befo' the election??? didja make one??? if ya did has it changed???

OTR...can you spel pregnant??? I was raised on a cattle ranch and I had to git out da dickshunairy to look up gravid...


off the reservation said...


Been helping out one of those large animal vets. They like to use that sort of language and I got caught up in it. I also got caught up to my arm pit in cow butt looking for stuff.

The vet is still working off his school loan of $150,000 for something he is really passionate about. Our gigantic food supply depends on a very small group of insane people that work for nothing, live out of the back of their truck, work out in the middle of nowhere, and get shot at by what liberals refer to as our poor little misunderstood brown neighbors to the south.

He has seen Food, Inc. We talked about it a bit. If people really knew how fragile and inbred our whole food system is. Then I introduced him to Heartbreak Ridge and he feels better now.

Headed back out to make more cow friends. Every time that Brahma bull sees me he runs of to the next pasture. Go figure.....

shuttin down said...

If you can send that bull scurrying off, I feel sorry for the liberals that stumble across your path :)
I envy your tales of your western adventures - even though I now live in SC I will always have the old west in my blood. I have fond memories of a great western adventure with a good friend - more of a brother to me than a blood brother would be - and our 3 day horseback excursion across his father's 1300 acre Montana ranch some 15 years ago is the closest thing to a vision quest someone like me will ever have. Unless they actually do it, no one can know the feeling of that open air, cooking meals over an open fire, drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle, the smell of the horses, good conversation, and just watching the day slowly come to an end or watching the beginning of a new day on the range. Keep enjoying the good life my friend.

yui said...

I always enjoy visiting here.

off the reservation said...

shuttin down,

No liberals out here. It takes determination, planning, and self-reliance out here.

Very cold these past few days. Back at the cabin waiting out weather.

The one thing that strikes me the most in this land is the sky. The sunsets, sunrise, and the stars. A few hours after sunset on a night with little or no moon the sky is unbelievably clear. The meteor showers are breath taking. In the Pahayokee of South Florida, the skies were never this clear. And even when the moon is almost new, I can make out the dark features in the sky right before sunrise or sunset.

Mankind's cities cannot hold a candle to the works of the Great Creator. You should return to your Montana from time to time to refresh your soul. I can tell from your words that it beckons you. Listen to your heart. May the blessings of the Great Creator be upon you and keep you safe.

J Cooper said...

OTR,it sounds like your having way to much damn fun out there.Go easy brother,be safe.

yui,how do I pronounce your name,and do you come here often???Had to say it before Butt..

butt curious neckid said...

there is one kwestion I jist gotta axe...why the hell are you arm diddlin' them bulls???????????????

aaaaw crap I jist gone an' done did it...I ya gotta telll...

com'on you preverted loincloth wearin' injun...fess up!!!!!

code word: shedent waaaazup wit' dat????

Auntie Em said...

diddling bulls? And the security code is nodibbil LOL!!!

OTR I just love your writing. There is a melody in your words.