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Monday, January 10, 2011

Left Wing Hate - a Primer of Hypocrisy by Michelle Malkin

She's awesome!!!


yui said...

I'm always excited on your new story.

shuttin down said...

Oh man did I laugh. The one of Sandra Bernhard with the caption describing "...hate warping her crazed face:"
Uhh, her crazed face is always warped. Not hate, fear, anger, - it's plain good old fashioned butt ugliness! She'd look like that if she won a $350M Lotto for cryin out loud...

shuttin down said...

Seriously though, it's a mistake to regard any component of this crowd as misguided Americans or fellow citizens having a different point of view. This is a hodgepodge that has culminated over the years with dissident communists/socialists from other countries, integration of their beliefs into public office, positions of influence, their offspring, along with thousands of irrational people who simply "came out of the box" that way. My strategy is to avoid them, fight them legally (LOL - they've all but taken over the legal system in this country) when necessary, and of course be prepared to defend my family and myself if and when the time comes that they cross the boundary.
What hypocrites these malicious souls are - there's not a shred of America or good will to be found in this crowd.

off the reservation said...

Very well put. This is a disease that has festered in this country for a long time. Whenever we put a finger on it, this liberal infestation points its finger back at us and scream that we are no better than them.

Spent several weeks between Eagle Pass and Uvalde on the back of a horse tracking cattle. The closer I get to the border to illegal alien smuggling, the private property damage increases dramatically. While surveying cattle for calving found many dead carcasses from this slave trade supported by our liberal left, all for the theft of good people's identities and votes.

The liberal left believes in the legal system as long as it allows them to suppress hard working people who believe in working for a living. Only heard bits and pieces on the trail about this sick kid that opened up on innocent lives in Pima County, AZ. I have thought about history and how conflicts are started. I have thought about someone called the Archduke Ferdinand and what happened with a gunshot there.

Today, we have 27 states that have engaged the USeless Govt in a lawsuit to nullify the whole ObamaHellScare power grab over our very existence in this country. I recall the history of Dread Scott, and the many legal challenges that flew back and forth over slavery in the 1850s.

Regardless of who is right or wrong, when there are this many states locked in legal battle with the USeless Govt and a head strong president of the Federal Govt willing to do everything to maintain control, what could happen next. We are on the precipice again. States Rights vs the Federal Govt demanding its tribute from the many states.

These liberals have the leadership of this Federal Govt on their leash. This president is propelled by a sense of race persecution and a need to bring the white man down a notch or two. The new supremacist.

Liberals talk a big talk about gun control, but I can tell you many of them own their hand guns. Fortunately for us, many of them feel personal shame and stow their guns in their original boxes in the backs of their closets. But, they all live in fear.

Be ready.

I am lucky this dialup worked this long. Good luck everyone, it is seriously cold tonight and I need to get my horse and pack mules bedded down in the barn.