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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!! 2011 is here

And what shall we make of it?

2010 was without a doubt, a roller-coaster.

We started and ended 2010 with record cold temps. All in the name of man caused global warming?

People are actually talking about the constitution! In regular every day discussions. Awesome in my opinion.

Joe Wilson got a smack down for pointing out the obvious: YOU LIE.

We had everyone from Matthews to Maher saying it's ok for the Prez to lie, cheat or use what ever means necessary to push his agenda!!! How's THAT for great media work?

We had the Massachusetts Miracle which many of us are now asking "what just happened?". Have to stay alert folks, we are still fooling ourselves.

While the Supreme Court ruling on the First Amendment this year has allowed more corporate influx of cash into the voting schemes, too many folks are neglecting to realize that in the long run, this was a very good thing for freedom. It may be the one thing that keeps this administration from enacting any version of the Fairness Doctrine and will be used when the next congress brings the FCC up on it's overbearing net neutrality actions.

If you listened to the lame stream media, man made global warming and our secret weapons systems have been responsible for every "natural" disaster this year. Haiti to volcano eruptions. Yep, we did it.

Mid-Term elections. Most ill-fated quote: Obama - "Well, the big difference here and in '94 was you've got me". Best part of the mid-terms? Tea Party.

The Adventures of Princess Layem! Ok, maybe that's just a highlight for my readers but dang it was funny!!!

Health Care bill. I'm struggling what to say about that without going off into a very long diatribe. Other than to say, "we have to pass it to see what is in it".

The Sestak bribe! Don't worry, you will hear more of this approaching the 2012 elections.

Financial Reform which is almost daily destroying our economy.

A daily effort by every liberal outfit in existence, especially those receiving funds from Soros to shut us up.

Arizona stepped forward to defend themselves. Oops, I'm sure some disagree. Oh well! I can't satisfy everyone.

Rand Paul

Census corruption and more O'Keefe videos.

Growing Islamic extremism. Where are the moderates?

LW enjoyed the opportunity to interview 3 local libertarian candidates. You can look forward to more of that.

The so-called Food Safety bill was passed and I guarantee we will regret this.

So. What can we look forward to in 2011? The Republicans have regained control of the House, but will they resort to their old spend and grow government? If so, will the Tea Party live up to it's promise to kick them out too?

Will ObamaCare be repealed?

Will Ron Paul succeed in finally getting some answers from Bernanke?

Will we have a true leader step forward to run for 2012?

Will we ever find out who shot JR? Just seeing if you were paying attention...


taylor said...

Whoever shot JR didn't pay any attention to gun laws...just saying...

Auntie Em said...

Ah we don't know that, he could have had a license!

2nd Amendment yeee hawww

Tara O said...

I shot JR.....

what was I? 8? Yep it was me.

Auntie Em said...

LOL @ Tara!!!

I'm so glad to see that everyone so far is reading this to the end.

butt stillhangin'in neckid said...

soooo...Tara come here often??? what's your sign...can you buy me a drink???

JR was not shot!!! you were dreamin'...