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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Romney 1, Obama 0

I spent the debate with computer on lap, tapping away little comments along with my buds all over facebook.  Obama had called for his supporters to do that on facebook, twitter etc.  Only saw one or two on facebook, I think they gave up early on.

Obama committed two major sins in the debate world.  You MUST look your opponent in the eye as much as possible.  He avoided looking at Romney and was caught several times looking at the floor.

Number two -  he sighed!  Did you catch it?  Bad.

All in all, Romney knocked it outta the park.  Wonder if he blew it all in this first match up.  I'm sure Obama's handlers will be working over time to keep that from happening again.  The next debate will probably show us more.


of the reservation said...

The smart people get it. Obama is no good on his own. No teleprompter. Gazing at the ground in final desperation of finding his crutch.

Obama is no good, PERIOD! Have we reached that point in our country where there are far more leaches that vote than there are productive people.

I imagine the media will quickly revert to their "nothing here to see, move along, we told you Obama just does not do well in debates, so just move along, vote for Obama...." And the public school educated minions will do as they were told.

of the reservation said...

I did notice Obama's rallying cry to his basement dwelling parasites:

"And everybody's getting a fair share."

And how would he do that? Executive orders debilitating businesses. Executive orders opening up businesses to more frivolous law suits. On the legislative side, ruinous taxation policies to destroy investments, drive businesses into bankruptcy with punitive tax policies. And when we think there just cannot be another salvo in the wolf's cannon, new EPA guidelines that render property totally useless and worthless. It is not about clean air and water anymore. It is about punishing the successful and buying votes via property seizures.

I have now spent some time reading the pundits. They are unhappy with Obama, but they are working hard today to rally their troops around King Obama. Even Carville is out there making Obama to be the victim of a Republican slaughter with a chain saw, all while Obama was just trying to have a conversation. What a complete crock of bull, but all those Obama-phone loving welfare trash are coming around. Just watch, it is Obama the victim to trying to be reasonable with the GOP.

And Chris Matthews with his "we have our knives out. We go after the people and the facts." That is good, because I love it when a liberal brings a knife to a gun fight.

of the reservation said...

Starting to see more and more of the liberal victim dribble. Romney was not nice. Romney hunted Obama like a predator on prey. Romney went after Obama with a chainsaw. And now, the pile on Lehrer time is coming. If that guy does not have security he had better get some and find a place on an island in the Pacific for the next few years. And do it FAST!

So, we see what the liberals characterize as "fair." To the liberal: people that are innovative, motivated, bright, intelligent, hard working, business-mined, well, they just suck. They are mean. They are predatory. It is just not fair.

Obama, the poor little black man who is just trying to get a break. And mean old white man Lehrer and white mormon man Romney took him to the wood-shed. It was all racist.

Folks it is coming. People do not believe in their abilities any more. People do not even TRY. "Yes we can" was just liberal code for "yes we can tear down the performers and make them pay, pay, pay." Liberals are not happy until they have taken everything from the bright intelligent performers. Liberals are not happy until they have your face down in the mud with their government boot to the back of your head smashing harder and harder. And once the liberals think they have broken you, they will beat you and make you work until you drop, just so they can sit back and watch their video games all day and talk about how they never get a fair break.


butt ain'twatchin' neckid said...

welll...I din't watch...I've seen death an' destruction several times but I can't stomach any part of usamabamasoetoro...

from the accounts I've heard rummy did some surgery on the halfricans glutius maximus...good...

buttttt...dee-baits don't mean's either ballots or bullets...either one I'm reddy...

butt RACERIST neckid said...

AUNTIE/OTR...rummy is a RICH guy...rummy is a rich WHITE guy...rummy is a rich white CHRISTIAN guy...if he owns any guns thats strike four...

ooh!!!...almost forgot...he's a RACERIST...

did I miss anythang???...

shuttindown said...

What worries me is that one of these days I'm going to forget what stupid looks like (or maybe I mean what not-stupid looks like). When does it become so normal that my faculties break down and I no longer notice? When do responsible and decent people become the freaks that the ones dressed in pajamas and crocs - in public - point at and warn their spawn to stay clear of? We are immersed in it up to our necks, and the level keeps rising. When is the damn safety valve on the pressure cooker gonna pop? I'm waiting - anxiously - for this mundane, silly, topsy-turvy, childlike gumdrop fantasy world to get right-side up again.

of the reservation said...


Before we had public schools, the literacy rate in Massachusetts and other New England states was close to 97%, prior to 1850. Arguably, the greatest sense of individualism flourished during that time. People could carry out all sorts of mathematical computations mentally. The people that created this country were home-schooled and established the brightest people we had in the world. At that time, education was integrated. There were no artificial age boundaries. Discovery was a treasured commodity to be exercised every day. People learned at a quicker pace, in line with their developmental process. I grew up in a one-room school and learned in the old classical approach. These "ignorant" natives are very eager to learn.

Fast forward to today. How many can carry out simple math in the their head? When the cash register rings up $4.97 and you hand the kid $5.02 what happens? Try asking one of them to give you the answer for 7 times 29 and what happens? Pull out a calculator. And if the battery is dead? Well, 7 times 20 and 7 times 9. I mean Welcome To Finland!!! What happened to 7 times 30 subtract 7? People no longer understand Math! They are taught to do it the same way every time. They were never allowed to explore the landscape from different angles and discover for themselves. WHY?!?!?!?!? Because they might discover they are INDIVIDUALS capable of reason and personal discovery.

Ever wonder why public schools keep home-schooled children out of all their activities? Because the public institutions cannot tolerate being shown as the failures they are. Worth pondering:

"The impact of homeschooling in these academic competitions goes beyond students who win. Although homeschoolers make up approximately 2 percent of the U.S. school-age population, they made up 12 percent of the 251 spelling bee finalists and 5 percent of the 55 geography bee finalists. Three of the past seven spelling bee winners have been homeschooled. Last year's homeschooled winner of the geography bee was 10 years old, the youngest in that event's history."


Kids in public institutions are INDOCTRINATED! The academic subjects are atomized and marginalized into unrelated segments. Math and Chemistry are totally different subjects in our public schools. How about Math and Music? Are they not related? I was criticized by a public school Math teacher once because I asked him for the COS of 45. All I wanted was .707. THE IMBECILE HAD TO LOOK IT UP!

Children are taught to form up in segregated age groups, march at the sound of the bell. Never question the teacher in the classroom! They must sit quietly in their seats and memorize nonsensical exercises that destroys the whole interconnected nature of learning. All for one reason. THEY MUST LEARN TO BECOME GOOD SUBJECTS OF THE COLLECTIVE!

Some children graduate and go on to become successful despite this trash. But today, for those really bright kids who really want to learn? We label them ADD and we drug them with Ritalin, a gate-way drug to cocaine. So the really smart minds of our society are ferreted out because they can cause problems for a lock-step collective. We drug them to control them and burn them out. Finally, if we cannot drug them sufficiently, we lock them up as deviants in mental institutions.

The time is coming my friend. Look around you. Drop out rates are at an astounding high level today. Children are becoming more and more suicidal and depressed. (Notice that the mass shootings in schools happen in public schools) And our society just drugs them more. We are no longer free physically or mentally. And the liberals know this.

The time for a blood bath of a rebellion is coming. Again and again through-out the history of this planet it has been shown that the more and more a government squeezes its population, demands lock-step obedience, the greater the explosive and bloody back lash that occurs.

of the reservation said...


I think something is in the wood pile.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Biden had that poor lil' boy Ryan for lunch. And Obama is still up in the polls. In the end, you're man was just having fits on the stage and the country sees it.

Obama 2 ::: Romney a fat goose egg!

Auntie Em said...

Our chicken Anon poster thinks Biden won? No, he was rude and ridiculous. Even many of the liberal commentators were ashamed of his performance. He didn't make any points, he just interrupted.

Ryan had the chance to point out that social security beneficiaries under the current plan can expect an automatic 25% cut when the funds dip too low. Did you know that? I didn't. Looks like old folks better worry about leaving things the way they are under Obama.

Or as I like to say, Big Bo and Laughing Joe!