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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thomas Paine resource to share

One of many: Taken from the second part of The Rights of Man, here Thomas Paine argues that the order naturally observed in human society is not the result of government but, rather, “existed prior to government, and would exist if the formality of government was abolished.”


Mother Up to Date Jones said...

Is this another lame threat at starting a revolution? The banks created the housing crisis so you blame the government. With Dodd-Frank in place now, government can finally protect the rest of us from the deceitful practices of big bank.

Our government does grow, but it's doing so to reign in the corporate greed. The more government has grown the more successful our country has become. Bush almost brought the country to its knees, but thanks to the increased regulation we will be able to grow at a responsible rate. We need more regulation to control the obscene salaries of CEOs and greedy boards.

Auntie Em said...

Wow you are really uneducated in economics. The housing crisis was a result of the 1995 CRA thanks to Clinton. I know a lot of libs are writing trying to denounce this fact, but it is true. Banks would not have loaned out so much money to so many undeserving people if they had not been pushed to do so.

The success you aspire to the government has been a false sense of security on an uphill run to disaster! The debt has been growing right along with government, if we were so successful we would have been able to pay our way instead of now looking at 16 trillion.

Who are you to decide how much ceo's should make? That is up to the stockholders, not some government schmuck that can't pay his own taxes on time and can't read a standard P&L.

And yeah Bush did a lot of damage along with Clinton's CRA move, Carter, FDR, etc.

shuttindown said...

When Mother___Jones speaks, I can clearly hear the click-tap of hundreds of thousands of boot heels slapping the pavement in perfect lockstep as the minions pass by a 30 story poster of the great exalted government leader du jour.