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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Guns reduce Crime!


Mother Unleaded Jones said...

Really? This the best you can do?

The density of people in this state is very low. They have not been subjected to the levels of lead and toxins that people in concentrated cities were exposed to:

Being the backward gun nuts you are, you think everything good is hooked to guns. The real evidence lies beyond your redneck ways.

Auntie Em said...

Speaking of backwards, only you would equate an environmental problem with your belief that stopping guns would solve the problem.

I'm sorry, that just put you in the idiot category.

Mother Reason Jones said...

And I reiterate, your precious guns are not being confiscated. All that is being asked is that law enforcement have a mechanism to track who has assault weapons. I think everyone can agree these assault weapons, designed to kill massive numbers of people, shouldn't be left to float around. There's no need for people to buy and sell them. The people that have them already can keep them.

Aren't you in need of taking a breath?

Auntie Em said...

The Nazis had everyone register their guns. Then they confiscated them.

Nope, nunya business.

And that would not have stopped any of the mass murders so what is the point? Just because the government does not want us to be armed and people like you are all too willing to help them enslave us.

Anonymous said...

We should not forget that the spark which ignited the American Revolution was caused by the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonists.

Patrick Henry

Anonymous said...

Mother Jones, who made the thoughtful quote?

"This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized state has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future."

Auntie Em said...

We have our own Anonymous! Kewl


Anonymous said...

From Drudge Report. Obama's Army conducting urban drills in Houston:

Preparations for gun confiscation?

Mother Jones said...

Oh look! The children found a pet!

Another Alex Jones conspiracy gun nut. You people need real help.

If I owned a gun I wouldn't be so bugged out to register it. I've got nothing to hide. Obviously, all of you have something to be ashamed of. And that, little children, is why you need to be monitored!!

Auntie Em said...

I guess that makes you the pest.

Trust me hon, you are the one in need of supervision so you don't rob us all blind and give away all our rights.

If you don't want a gun no one in this group would force you.

But can you answer Anon's question? No comment about the historical references where gun confiscation by a government is followed by horrendous acts?

Image of head in the sand comes to mind.

Mother Jones said...

FBI got your boy friend!


Auntie Em said...


sure mj whatever makes you feel good

of the reservation said...

MJ, your intellect is just, well, staggering.

Dubious claims. That is your source. I like the remark in your article about 40% obtaining guns without background checks. Got that from your fearless fascist leader in the White House, that brown sack of Shiite, if I am not mistaken? Since you lack the citations, the reader can only wonder where these radical claims of yours originate. By the way, citing your own work as the basis for the strength of your work, well, let us just say that real academicians have a real term for that. Why not look that up?

Well, let us take a few minutes to examine your dubious claims.

In fact, only 1.7% of the gun crimes out there originate from someone who obtained a fire arm at a gun show.

But, let us proceed to the real meat here. Who is the real threat? The civil war in this country has already started. Your half-negro half-white tyrant already declared war on the citizenry of this country. As Holder was quite clear at articulating, Obama has redefined the meaning of “due process” in the Constitution. Holder made it very clear that due process does not mean judicial review. In the view of this administration, they can, AND HAVE ALREADY, taken out hits on US citizens under NDAA. Yes, I said CITIZENS!

How does a 16-year old citizen of the US qualify for this special assassination treatment at the hand of drone kill ordered by the evil tyrant Barrack Hussein Obama?

Nobody in the government is going to tell us who the real target was! In fact, we are supposed to be good little mundanes and accept that the USeless F(ocking)ederal Govt would only kill a high level Al-Qaeda target. But, they are still “assessing” the results to determine who it really was. It does not matter that other bystanders (innocent or otherwise) are standing around. Obama is the judge. Obama is the prosecutor. Obama is the executioner. His wrath knows no bounds. Well, just watch this compilation of news sources about what Obama is up to.

Are there people in this country that see the US Federal Govt under the tyrant Obama at war with the Constitution and the people of this land? MOST DEFINITELY!

of the reservation said...

Mother Effing Jones,

I provided some hypothetical arguments to you for consideration. Do you know what a hypothetical is? Obviously not. Look it up! Do something your deficient brain-washing public school could not do for you. LEARN! I posed for argument and discussion the following:

Consider that there are a number of citizens in our country who, until this moment, have never broken the law. These citizens worked hard all their lives, paid of their own money to put their children through college, even private school. Now, Obama has ordered that these people must comply with a mandatory registration scheme that can truly serve one purpose, to make targets of them. Why do we have registries for sex offenders? Why are parolees required to register their whereabouts with parole officers? So they can be tracked as prior convicts to ensure that they are not breaking the law.

Now the fascist piece of shiite in the White House demands the US F(ocking)ederal Govt invade the privacy of US citizens who never committed a crime! Except for the executive orders this filthy tyrant wants executed because is the reincarnation of King George, these people have no reason to be hunted down and registered like perverts and thieves. Dam the sack of shitte to your hell!

These people, rather than wait for an onslaught of Obama SWAT SS Storm Troopers to come crashing through their door and kill them with armored personnel carriers, antipersonnel drones, any one of 450million .40 S&W hollow points, have decided on a different course of action. Rather than waiting to die in this war declared by the tyrant Obama through constitutional invalid and illegal orders, why not take the war to the people driving and supporting it. General Sherman did something quite similar through Atlanta, Savanah, and cities in between in Georgia. Rather than engage Obama SS Storm Troopers directly, the tactic is to die taking out the supporters of the terrorists, the LIBERALS. Likely, that would be liberals like you. All I did was point out that this is out there. You can choose to prepare or not. Personally, I hope you laugh it off! But, this is just hypothetical. Why would anyone do this?

I never said that I would carry out a terroristic attack. Like all liberals/democrats/KKK you manufactured a crisis so you could make up an excuse to carry out your terrorism against the rest of us. Those of us who arm ourselves with a SAIGA shotgun while your police force comes crashing in with weaponized drones, weaponized armored personnel carriers, fully automatic high caliber (the REAL assault) weapons shooting hollow point ammunition, Combination 4 incendiaries, CS gas, and the list goes on.

But what does it matter what we have? You want to strip the people bare so your dictator can come crashing in and slaughter millions of innocent people along with their families, children, old people. All this so you can fornicate to your hearts desire and murder millions of unborn. Oh yes! The sanctimonious and pompous liberal asses of the world, UNITE!

of the reservation said...

Mother Effing Jones,

One thing that I noticed over the years is that when a person has to insist or announce that they are reasonable or if they have to insist that what they are suggesting is reasonable, it is because that person or that suggestion is NOT reasonable.

Just because you say it, does not make it reasonable. And that crap about "everybody thinks it is reasonable" means a very few number of people think that way. I am not the authority for everyone just as you are not authority for everyone. In fact, all of the discussion had made one thing very clear. WE CANNOT AGREE ON WHAT IS REASONABLE. So, you will do everything you can to have government force upon us YOUR value system.

Some beotch that thinks that fornicating till the cows come home while I foot the bill for their mistakes, is someone that I have very little ground with. The idea that every time your fornicating with who-knows-who leads to an abortion that I should pay for, is not someone that I have common ground with. Face it, there is no compromise here except who can use force to subjugate to the will of the other. Except your force is to bend me to your will and enslave me. My use of force is get you to go away and leave me alone.

Anyone who tries to force me to be their slave has chosen the way of death.

Just providing clarity to liberal speech.

Mother Concerned Jones said...

Off the Rocker!

You need help! Get it! I don't see how you can function. You need to be on your own list and YOU haven't got a reason for being around firearms. These laws being blocked by your TP radicals in Washington would go a long ways to getting you and your friends off the streets.

You are very sick.

Auntie Em said...

MJ the evidence is in, YOU are the sick one. You tried to pull the "LOL the FBI has your friend" routine which was a flat out lie and shows a really weak mind.

TP I guess you mean Tea Party, while not my favorites are hardly radicals. Anyone like you who is trying to turn this country away from the constitutionally established republic that is was designed to be, into a socialist like community, no MJ, YOU are the radical.

Obviously you believe the adage that if you repeat a lie often enough people will eventually believe the lie.

However, we think for ourselves and know that the Repubs and Demoncrats have so corrupted their party that they have both moved way way to the left and here we are, standing in what should be the center but we're all alone. And that is fine. We're the ones that really care about ours and your freedoms. You can't trust the government. Voters have for too long given up rights and responsibilities to the government who now believes they know better than us how we should live our lives.

Time to take them back!!! You'll thank us someday.

Anonymous said...

Mother Jones, who made the thoughtful quote?

"This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized state has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future."

Can you answer please?

Anonymous said...

Mother Jones

We defend our President with guns.
We defend our Congressmen with guns.
We defend our Governors with guns.
We defend our celebrities with guns.
We defend our sporting events with guns.
We defend our jewelry stores with guns.
We defend our banks with guns.
We defend our office buildings with guns.
We defend our factories with guns.
We defend our courts with guns.
We defend our children with a sign that reads: "THIS IS A GUN FREE ZONE."

...and then call someone with a gun if there's an emergency.

So, just answer my question...

of the reservation said...


Wasting your breath on MFJ. Just like liberals/KKK/Democrats, always want a discussion when everything suits their agenda; however, when an opposing view, backed by cold hard facts, enters the discussion they scatter like roaches when the lights come one.

Pray for Obama, Psalms 109:8

of the reservation said...

I am totally against background NCIS list. Look at the national no-fly list TSA maintains. Nobody knows why they get on the list. People that get on the list can appeal but they have no idea what their due process is. In fact, they have no process except what the Fascist pigs sack-of-shiite Obama and Holder allows them to have.

So, NCIS? Really? They suffer from many false positives. People with strong needs, like victims of violent crimes, wind up waiting many months at times because of glitches in the system.

And what about mental health? So, we say that for everybody's safety we make health records a matter of public record. Every time anyone sees a mental health professional it goes out there on a government database for anyone to get to. With that stigma added to all the other issues people in need of help, now what?

And what determines a mental health issue? What psychologist/psychiatrist in this nation has the "definitive" objective test that defines whether or not someone should own a firearm? Who? Tell me?

And so we want some national list just like TSA!

All liberals/KKK/democrats need to be crated up and left to die on a reservation, just like they did my ancestors.

Mother Peace Jones said...

I fail to be convinced by your sensationalism. The racist here is you! You make wild accusations about Muslims being terrorists yet old white men lone wolves have been far more deadly than Muslim terrorism against US citizens:

In fact, terrorism by Muslims is on the decline. I think you are the one in serious need of some drone love.

Keep it up. You are being recorded and you should be getting a visit any day!

Mother Reaons Jones said...

As much as you like to disparage people who look for innovative ways to solve this problem, we will prevail. Guns cause a lot of damage to people's lives, people's property, and to society in general. I think it reasonable that we require insurance just as people who own vehicles buy insurance.

Responsible ideas by reasonable people for a reasonable nation.

Auntie Em said...

Innovative? Hardly. And yes, I "disparage" anyone who is trying to curtail my freedoms.

And trust me, no one here is trying to change your mind about anything. You are adamant in your faith in the government and refuse to see how the government thinks their safety is more important than our safety. You refuse to see how they want to take away our ability to protect ourselves yet they kill with drones.

Oh and aren't you forgetting to count the American citizens that died in the towers? Hey, if the pilots and copilots had been able to carry a gun, that might not have happened.

Your attempts to justify handing over your fate to others is rather sad.

of the reservation said...

Mother Barfing Jones

You do just that, you make me BARF!

Constantly in your intoxicated mindless dribbles you refuse to acknowledge any of the evidence put before you. Your equivocations are on the level of Tshirtdoc's liberal rantings.

Every day, people use firearms as a tool for self-defense. Just like this 86-year-old woman:

You constantly drone on here about confiscating guns. What you are doing comes down to that one basic goal. There is nothing new about it. Almost every tyrant out there has pursued this course, gun confiscation.

History proves itself over and over. When a government is corrupt, the result is insurrection and armed rebellion. You count yourself on the side of government corruption and tyranny. For all of the seizures of other people's property to protect yourself, one day you will wake up to an angry throng in your home. Between a hungry, greedy, selfish, mob of moochers and an angry, well-armed, crowd of highly motivated producers I would rather face the former. In your case, you will meet the latter. If I were you, I would not count on any Christian love to slow down that angry crowd, tired of being enslaved by your liberal tyranny. There will be none of that to squelch my trigger finger when the moochers come crashing through my door.

...and it is coming...

of the reservation said...


While out in San Francisco I mostly walked around and took pics. I found the walk down Market Street and Sutter Street most illuminating. Austin, Texas has had this big push to convert the first floors of their buildings into little shops. The liberals are trying to turn downtown Austin into San Francisco! On Sutter street amongst the artful architecture I came across a 7 Eleven where I could sit and have coffee every day, right next to a Banana Republic. Very amusing the whole thing. Stayed at the Galleria Park Hotel and ate at the China Express a few times.

Anonymous said...

Mother Jones

Please help me understand. What did the women in this truck do to deserve being sent to the hospital by the LA police?

Why should police be armed better than the honest civilians they are sworn to serve?

Mother Jones said...

Why's this man still on the streets? Are you some sort of stalker? Do you think this is funny? Maybe you think this is funny but this has gone from some childish little kid pranks to terroristic activity. Taking pictures of our business is no laughing matter.

We've got cameras, too. We'll find out who this OTR is and put his picture out there for everyone. We'll find his home and direct everyone give him a little visit including the FBI.

Auntie Em said...

What are you talking about now? Where is there a picture of your business?

Paranoid much? Off your meds maybe?

If you want to debate an issue fine, but you keep this threatening to call FBI crap up I'm going to have to start blocking you again.

Mother Jones said...

Your little BF gave a good description of walking around our business in San Francisco. Given his attitude toward violence, we can only assume he is casing our place.

Fine! Block me. Doesn't change what's coming next.

Auntie Em said...

LOL you are such a loser! But you know what, I would defend your right to be stupid.

Anonymous said...

Mother Jones,

Again I ask, what did these two old Latina women do to warrant such a savage display of deadly force by these law enforcement officers?

of the reservation said...


The answer is very simple. They committed the crime of being mundanes. More and more, the police see themselves as part of the elite king's men. Whenever one of them is attacked, they act like an invading force tracking down a guerilla fighter hiding among a populace of stupid ignorant natives. What is that noise in the shadows? Who cares? Out of abject fear and anger the king's men unload their 30-round magazines fired from their PDW's in full-automatic mode. Let the morgue sort them out. Maybe we got the criminal? Maybe not? At least the elitist police are still safe and secure. Mundanes do not matter.

In that truck, I counted 28 bullet holes. I see numerous shell casings next to the police car. Those men were scared and angry. They were so hyped up on their fear they could not tell the difference between a Nissan and a Toyota truck. Least of all, they never even checked the tag. How many bullet holes do you think are in that house? A police-issue Glock Model 19 has a 15-round magazine. But wait! What is that I see on the ground next to the cop car. MORE shell casings fired from a SHOTGUN! They unloaded everything they had. How do two old unarmed Latina women look like a large black man??? To the elitist king's men, it does not matter. If it does not wear a police uniform then it is a mundane and nobody important will ever care.

Who cares about a mundane? Look at how the filthy democrat/liberal/KKK treat those they deem socially unfit. If you have an opposing view then you must be an old angry Christian cracker clinging to your guns and Bible. They invoke the image of unclean Romanian Gypsies and retarded black people who bring disease and pestulance with them. To the elite liberal/KKK/democrat Obama we are to be herded into cities where we will be forced into labor armies to do the work directed as the elite central work politboro commands.

To Mother Jones, these two Latina women out trying to work an honest living delivering newspapers are replaceable servants. We can get more illegal immigrants to take their place and vote democrat. And if they do not want to vote democrat then there are more mundanes they can count on, more illegal immigrants they can give amnesty to.

Liberal elitists kill as it suits them. Look at Chicago. Hundreds of blacks die every year and they do nothing about the violence as long as they continue to vote for the black fascist sack of shiite, Barrack Hussien Obama.

Mother Jones is a liberal elitist who strives to be like her idol, Barrack Hussien Obama, a man who has sent CIA drones to kill thousands of innocent people in a distant land with reckless abandon, all in the name of killing a terrorist. She wants to be just like Barrack Hussien Obama, who sent many weapons to drug cartels in Mexico leading to the deaths of hundreds of innocent Mexicans, many of them in their late teens and early 20s including US citizens.

This is the face of fascist liberalism. This is the woman that would send her liberal/elitist/democrat/kkk army to my place to drag me from my home and hang me from a tree in my own yard, while they burn my home and beat my wife and children, all in the name of their liberal master, Barrack Hussien Obama. The ways of the KKK never change.

The liberals, just like their Jim Crowe roots, want to reinstate their laws to enslave the rest of us who are not like them. Racism never died. Just like the racist ancestors of these liberals, they only do this for the betterment of humanity! Just like Hitler, round up and kill millions of those who are different. Liberals who murder millions of the unborn because in their view, it was their greatest gift to our country for the betterment of all.

Yes, Mother Jones, you publish my address and send your elitist Obama minions. I will welcome them. Every morning, as I face the rising son, one of my prayers is that when I die I am surrounded by my enemies and I take them all with me on my last breath. So send them, send them all.

Obama ==> Psalms 109:8

J Cooper said...

Dang EM,I thought Debt Star was good.This Mother whatever is one funny freak.LOL

Anonymous said...

Mother Jones, who made the thoughtful quote?

"This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized state has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future."

Can you answer please?

of the reservation said...

Mother Effing Jones:

Here is a conundrum for you: it really makes you wonder how many of this kind of thing were never mentioned or even reported?

A 1997 high school shooting in Pearl, Mississippi was halted by the school's vice principal after he retrieved the Colt .45 he kept in his truck.
A 1998 middle school shooting ended when a man living next door heard gunfire and apprehended the shooter with his shotgun.
A 2002 terrorist attack at an Israeli school was quickly stopped by an armed teacher and a school guard.
A 2002 law school shooting in Grundy, Virginia came to an abrupt conclusion when students carrying firearms confronted the shooter.
A 2007 mall shooting in Ogden, Utah ended when an armed off-duty police officer intervened.
A 2009 workplace shooting in Houston, Texas was halted by two co-workers who carried concealed handguns.
A 2012 church shooting in Aurora, Colorado was stopped by a member of the congregation carrying a gun.
At a recent theater shooting in San Antonion, the gun man was taken down by an indivudaul concealed carry after he pinned down a police officer in his cruiser and injured another.
At the recent mall shooting in Portland, Oregon the gunman took his own life minutes after being confronted by a shopper carrying a concealed weapon.

How many aborted muggings, home invasions, rapes, etc. are never reported, stopped using guns as a tool for defense?

So many conundrums....

of the reservation said...

Hey Coop,

How are things on the farm? I saw a pic of one of your farm toys. Was that a Massey Ferguson?

Good to see you still around.

Auntie Em said...

Coop! Good to see ya. Oh Debt Star was awesome that is why I have a permanent link to it upper right!!!

MJ on the other hand is actually rather pathetic as I can see us having to save that worthless hide someday.

Auntie Em said...

Anon, although Hitler was bad about gun laws, that particular quote cannot be proven to be his. But there are plenty of others!

Anonymous said...

Auntie Em,

Thank you. I have noticed that the only people willing to engage in a serious conversation are you and everyone else that is not Mother Jones.

Anonymous said...

Mother Jones,

How do you feel about random stops by the police?

Anonymous said...

Mother Jones,

How do you feel about checkpoints, just to make you safer?

Auntie Em said...

Keep it up Anon, you have great questions.

I just hope people like MJ actually think about them instead of just bypassing only on the basis that is does not hold with their current view.

shuttindown said...

Hey there Coop - good to hear from you. I don't want to be morbid, but at [some] of our ages, who would know what happened?

We need some kind of system here Em!!!

Again, not trying to be morbid, but where the hell is butts?
Mother Jones - I'm sad now. Say something - (anything, but would prefer something earnestly liberal because those are the best) and make me laugh - - pleeeaaaase?

Mother Jones said...

If you're really looking to do something constructive here, why don't you people get a handle on that crazy idiot. He's going to get himself in serious trouble.

In fact, all of you're a bunch of crazy gun nuts in need of an intervention. You should look at California's reasonable approaches to proper gun control. California's newly proposed gun laws would:

Ban the possession of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds

Prevent the future sale, purchase, manufacture, importation, or transfer of any firearms that can accept detachable magazines

Close the "bullet button" loophole by banning tools that allow the quick changing of gun magazines

Regulate ammunition sales like the state regulates gun sales. Ammunition dealers would need to be licensed and anyone buying from them would need to obtain a permit and complete a background check.

Create a 5 cent tax on each bullet purchased, for the purpose of funding crime prevention

Prevent felons and other adults barred from gun ownership from living in a house that contains any guns

Prohibit the loaning or sale of a firearm between people who know each other personally

Take steps to phase out legal possession of assault weapons that were purchased before California outlawed their sale

Require all firearms owners to take an hours-long gun safety course every year, similar to what the state now requires for obtaining a concealed-weapon permit

Require gun owners to purchase insurance to cover damage they may inflict

Require CalPERS and CalSTRS, two of the nation's largest pension funds, to divest from companies that make, sell, or market firearms or ammunition

You see, there is a lot our states can do to stop guns that cause serious harm to people. Why can't you see the reason?

Auntie Em said...

Reasonable according to you? California has never been known for doing reasonable which is why it is close to bankruptcy.

The number of rounds is not for you to decide, that is a matter of ownership and it is a form of infringement if you try to limit. If you did your homework you would know it is a simple matter to make magazines in any size, do not have to depend on manufacturers. Google 3d printers.

"Bullet button" loophole is similar to banning pot paraphernalia and you've seen how well that works.

That pension trick is just another tool of government to pick winners and losers and you can't see that? wow

No, these are not reasonable and even worse, they would not help reduce the mass murder incidents.

BTW, you need to check this out before you turn California into another Chicago: