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Thursday, January 17, 2013

What gun control is REALLY about.


Mother Reason Jones said...

Where and how conservatives choose to exercise their Constitutional right to be crazy is increasingly pointless since they've apparently decided everything lies within that purview. If Obamacare is fascism, or if cap-and-trade is communism, or if abortion is genocide, or if the National Debt is armageddon, then there's no political issue that hasn't been weaponized in their Total Political War. It's All Crazy All the Time in Dogpatch.

There is a point here, however. It's to replace discussion with screaming. Instead of making the process work, it's to disable the process altogether. No compromises for you, John Q Public! And you need to ask at this point: cui bono? Who benefits from the total breakdown of rational politics? My guess is that our oligarchy thinks this, that they've secretly longed for anarcho-capitalism since their teenage infatuation with Ayn Rand. And now it's all within reach. All they do is substitute random noise for reason and its mission has been accomplished.

You Republicans scream "Obama is banning the assault weapons in violation of the 2d Amendment!" Yet, that did not happen. Almost the entire message from President Obama was to enlist the medical establishment's assistance. So busy shooting off your mouths you shot off both of your feet!

Mother Reason Jones said...

You Republicans have become completely unhinged:

I hope that while you are busy screaming we can put enough of you into the proper institution to help you get beyond your disease.

Auntie Em said...

You have yet to learn how to read. LIBERTARIAN is what I am, not Repub.

However, you make a telling admission into your thought process: "instead of making the process work".

What process? The 2nd amendment is pretty straight forward. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand? It is not a matter for compromise anymore than freedom of speech is a matter for compromise.

We all have the right to be crazy as long as it does not hurt anyone else. And nothing in any of your rants about gun control would protect one single person. You cannot deny that.

However, your craziness is hurting me when you try to have government tell me how to live. To put you and your kind in an institution would be a nice dream but it is not constitutional. That does not seem to worry you when wishing the same on others.

And now you want doctors to spy on us. Wanna bet that'll not happen???

What is Armageddon? Washington. R & D

shuttindown said...

So it's early on a Saturday morning, channel surfing, and this bit comes on Fox News about a bill that would require a prescription for cigarettes. Let's establish one thing right up front - I do not smoke. The irony is that just last night I was debating with my neighbor on the double standards applied to marijuana vs alcohol. And that we have entered an arena where opiate painkillers are going to be more difficult to obtain - even for patients in a HOSPITAL, in surgical recovery and other conditions where a Bayer aspirin just isn't going to quite to the trick.
My contention is that the impotent and failed war on drugs is being taken to the next level, and I further contend that these actions are purposely intended to nurture a far more expansive black market on items we used to take for granted. This nurtures an industry of task forces, specialized law enforcement divisions, and first responders to support the obvious fallout consequences of a competitive underground selling items illegally for high profit. Jobs!
It's all being done deliberately, and unless we wise up, the next thing they're coming for is your sugar and those Saltine crackers in your pantry. Alcohol is safe. that industry entered into alliance with the feds not because of the end of Prohibition - they gave the green light to end Prohibition once they had their strategies mapped out. Forget ammo - they're gonna starve us out, pull down the Ensign and fly that sickle and hammer over this country once and for all.
If you're not just a little bit scared, you're just not paying attention.
Like Scrooge, I hope that bit I saw on the news this morning was nothing more than a manifestation of indigestion, a morsel of the sandwich I ate last night biting me back today. I hope.
Unhinged MJ? If common sense is "unhinged", what the f.uck do you call the rampant hostility to reason and the independent spirit plaguing this country? They're sending 5 year old kids home from school for playing cops and robbers with their thumbs and forefingers fashioned into make-believe guns. It's ageless harmless fun - it's NORMAL behavior for little boys, who now think there is something very wrong and terrible about the fun game that caused the adults to scream and grip their hair in horror - and punish them. They don't know exactly what, but it's got them a little scared now, and they will never forget it.

Please tell me why you think THIS is not completely unhinged - because it is over-the-top unhinged.

I'll tell you why you won't. You're a messenger - a barometer of sorts to go into the blogosphere and gather intel to report back to your masters - your people. But you like to rattle the cage while you're here, don't you? Don't worry, as an unhinged sort of guy I would defend your right to do exactly that since I wholeheartedly believe in First Amendment rights.
(I'm betting you people absolutely hate the Bill of Rights and the Constitution - am I right?)

And stop calling us Republicans - are you dense or something?

Auntie Em said...

SD, fantastic post! Gonna look up that bill, that is scary.

Gonna repost your comment on facebook too.