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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Standing Up For Our Rights!

List of Sheriffs Standing Up Against Obama’s Gun Control

1. Jackson County, Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman

2. Linn County, Oregon Sheriff Tim Mueller

3. Madison County, Idaho Sheriff Roy Klingler

4. Crook County, Oregon Sheriff Jim Hensley

5. Douglas County, Oregon Sheriff John Hanlin

6. Curry County, Oregon Sheriff John Bishop

7. Livingston County, Missouri Sheriff Steve Cox

8. Smith County, Texas Sheriff Larry Smith

9. Josephine County, Sheriff Gil Gilbertson

10. Madison Count, Alabama Sheriff Blake Dorning

11. Larimer County, Colorado Sheriff Justin Smith

12. Charleston County, South Carolina Sheriff Al Cannon

13. Morgan County, Alabama Sheriff Ana Franklin

14. Houston County, Alabama Sheriff Andy Hughes

15. Gilmer County, Georgia Sheriff Stacy Nicholson

16. Pine County, Minnesota Sheriff Robin Cole

17. Grant County, Oregon, Sheriff Glenn Palmer

18. Coos County, Oregon Sheriff Craig Zanni

19. Johnson County, Missouri Sheriff Charles Heiss

20. Martin County, Florida Sheriff Bill Snyder

21. Siskiyou County, Califorhia Sheriff Jon Lopey

22. Humboldt County, Nevada Sheriff Ed Kilgpore

23. Stanislaus County, California Sheriff Adam Christianson

24. Grant County, Oregon Sheriff Glenn Palmer

25. Lawrence County, Missouri Sheriff Bard DeLay

26. Shasta County, California Sheriff Tom Bosenko

27. El Dorado County, California Sheriff John D’Agostini

28. Tehama County, California Sheriff David Hencraft

29. Lassen County, California Sheriff Dean Growden

30. Del Norte County, California Sheriff Dean Wilson

31. Modoc County, California Sheriff Mike Poindexter

32. Mendocino County, California Sheriff Thomas Allman

33. Plumas County, California Sheriff Greg Hagwood

34. Humboldt County, California Sheriff Mike Downey


Mother Reasonable Jones said...

These people are not willing to do their job. They are supposed to enforce the law and if they don't, put them in jail. This is really funny. All you Repubicans talk about your precious laws and how everyone follow them. Yet, it's ok for you to ignore them when they don't suit you.

Fine, these people should step aside and let reasonable people do the job they won't. If they want to join their friends and do the "from my cold dead hands" thing then I would be thrilled to see federal agents storm in and put them down like the crazy animals they are.

All you gun people are very disturbed and need help. Please get help. These guns need to go away before we can all be safe.

Auntie Em said...

Once again, hypocrisy raises it's ugly head: "Reasonable"?

The law you want them to enforce is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, what part of "shall not be infringed" do you not get?

Bet you were all for the Occupy taking up space, blocking access to businesses and trashy property, many illegal acts committed there but I bet you supported them didn't you?

Like I said, hypocrisy.

There is nothing reasonable at all in taking away our constitutional rights. Why don't we take away your first amendment rights so you can't make such assinine statements? Nah, I wouldn't do that to you. But you would take mine.

There is NOTHING in any of the proposed laws or regulations that will keep you safe from wackos like Lanza. Nothing. You live in a dream world buddy.

Mother Reasonable Jones said...

Actually, you're the loony one here.

Fine, keep you're guns. Where in your precious little amendment does it say your access to ammunition shall not be infringed? In fact, one of the drives of the UN initiative is to have the various nations control the manufacture and distribution of ammunition. That includes all of your little backwoods rednecks who waste away hours reloading. No ammo, no guns. You're done! Woo hoo!

Despite all of your neanderthal rantings we finally drag you kicking and screaming into the 21st century. No guns, no more crime. Look at Japan. Look at Australia. Almost no more gun crime. When are you going to wake up to reality of the modern world?

of the reservation said...

I have been in the homes of many liberals and listened to their discussions of gun control. In one sense, liberals have this purist ideal that if we can get rid of every gun in the world that violence will vanish. Yet in Travis County (that blue dot in the middle of Texas), Austin, Texas, liberals allow convicted drunks to return to the highways, up to six and seven times, killing innocent people on the highways with automobiles.

Liberals believe that we have to give food stamps and health care away, with reckless abandon, so that they do not have to worry about the filthy mundane masses showing up at their elitist homes begging for food and water. They see gun rights people as not sharing in their fear. The armed rednecks do not demand increased entitlements, and leave the liberals in increased exposure to the mundanes. If all guns are taken away then everyone lives in fear and will not fight higher taxes to keep these mundanes in check. Then Obummer and his tyrannical oligarchy can extort more from the hard working mundanes (enslavement) to keep the nonworking mundanes in check (and grow their power base).

Yet, I see more to this. Gun control was spawned by the KKK after the War of Northern Aggression and saw its proliferation in the Jim Crow laws. The KKK/Democrats/progressives did not want to see guns in the hands of freed slaves. So the KKK hunted down coloreds, hanging those with guns. After the occupation was over, Jim Crow evolved with convoluted laws to create tax structures with firearms that made it prohibitively expensive for blacks to own a gun. The KKK/liberal/democrat today cannot give up the vestiges of their movement. It is control over other people they believe to be beneath them, the mundanes. Liberals believe that the Civil War answered the question of the federal government’s absolute sovereignty over everyone. So if a government is large enough to crush an opposing view, then that government has the right and only proper view? So if I follow this logic, then, Booth demonstrated that presidents should not serve more than one term, but I digress.

Well, Ms. Jones. You want our guns? You want our ammo? Allow me to share with you some other thought floating around out there.

Consider that people reject registration or turning in their firearms, what then? There is some discussion that says hide your firearms, go to jail. The jails cannot hold everyone and eventually the government will see the error of its ways and reverse course on gun control. What was it that Lincoln said? “The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.”

Then there is other discussion out there that goes like this. The feds are coming for the guns or arresting people for not registering their firearms. So, the choice is to confront those coming for the guns and die. Some of the enforcers following orders, like Hitler’s SS, will go down with them. This appears to be a course of action you favor. So, who is the terrorist? You set up the situation that engages the government in terroristic action against its citizenry to enforce a political idea you espouse. Then through this terror, you hope to convince others to change their political views.

So, what is a patriot to do? Might you give some thought to a third option? A number of patriots are talking about not confronting the assassins, Obama’s SS. Take the war to the ones paying and ordering the assassins. So, if someone is to die, why not die taking out the real enemy. I would not be surprised if there was not someone out there that knows who you are. They know where you live. They have learned your habits. If one is to die defending their rights, why not do so taking down the real enemy?

of the reservation said...

As for these Sheriffs opting out of enforcing federal laws, may I refer you to Mack and Printz v. United States. That would be the same ruling you liberals are so fond of using when it comes to setting up your illegal immigrant sanctuary cities.

Oh I forgot. Ms. Jones is the elitist. Us mundanes have to do as we are told by the liberal/KKK/democrat elitists.

of the reservation said...

...and as for Feinstein's new bill on all things firearm, might I also suggest we have controls for toilets:

With all the shiite these filthy liberals are throwing around, I feel it only appropriate.

Speaking of flushing, is it not time for that liberal in anarchist's T-shirts Doc to show up?

shuttindown said...

"In fact, one of the drives of the UN initiative is to have the various nations control the manufacture and distribution of ammunition."

You're not only incredibly silly in your arguments, but you cite the UN - beginning with that little "In Fact" that's supposed to make us drop the eggs and turn to you with wide-eyed expectancy - SHOCK! - turn to you, sitting back smugly, watching with self satisfaction as we fall to our knees, moaning and wailing - "OH, THE UN!" "OH MY GOD - THE UN - why didn't you say so in the first place! "THE U F.UCKIN N!"

Thank you MJ, for reinforcing every conservative belief I have ever had in this Petri dish we call Earth.

shuttindown said...

OTR - Excellent post. I tip my hat to you once more my friend.

Auntie Em said...

Great posts to both OTR and shuttin down!

MJ, denying access to ammunition IS equivalent to infringing so that is not right either.

And the UN can kiss my libertarian ass! We would be so much better off kicking them out of NY, not paying our money for them to run the world and just stay out of other countries business.

The one world order is a eutopian dream that is impossible. We can't even get along as a nation thanks to people like you.

of the reservation said...


What happened to the collie?

The liberals love the UN. When there is no logic in the argument they just cite the UN as being the authority. The liberals have a new religion. The UN is the new Vatican. Agenda 21 is the new Catechism. Obama is one of the cardinals.

Stock up while you can my friend.

Went to San Francisco for a month. Checked out the sites. Saw where Mother Jones does all of their work.

of the reservation said...

Auntie Em

Good to see you and shuttindown are keeping up the good work. So many people have lost their ability to reason. Refreshing to see your blog again! It will take a week or two to wash off the filth from CA.


shuttindown said...

OTR - SF is actually a great city, and despite its occupation by too many who find their own flatulence aromatic, I consider it one of the noblest and iconic cities in the world.
I have to admit it brought a smile to my face to imagine you walking about there and taking in the sights, some wonderful and some which I'm sure had your stomach in tight knots ;)
But there were no headlines, no breaking news, no dispatch of liberals to the ferryman on the river Styx (which they richly deserve), so we know you kept things in check. And that is good, because you are an indispensable force in a world that is simply going mad while we stand by, seemingly helpless and more outnumbered by the day.
I will probably bring Olga the collie in as my avatar soon - as you know she is but a wonderful memory now that epitomizes the good that God created. I find comfort and sanity in all that is good - especially those times when so much of the world seems to be nothing more than a failed lab experiment.

Mother Vigilant Jones said...

I've got OTR's remarks here and given them to the FBI. His remarks to hunt down and kill innocent people are included with his other remarks on this web site.

You'd best mind yourself OTR. Better yet, keep it up! The FBI will be knockin on your door. Here's your chance to go out in a blaze of glory!

Auntie Em said...

LOL!!! Really? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my, that was funny. Hey OTR, let me know when the FBI get there will ya?

Mother Reasonable Jones said...

The idea that this guy is breaking the law is funny? You'll laugh very well in an orange jump suit as his accomplice.

Your radical right wing friends are bragging about breaking the law in New York. Common sense regulation requiring the citizens of New York to register isn't just a joke. It's because of people like you in need of psychological evaluation and care that we're developing these laws. Your OTR enjoys enumerating his homicidal fantasies around on this blog. He should seek help and he is the last person in the country that should have access to guns.

We'll see who laughs last.

Mother of Reason Jones said...

OTR, don't cry. You've got your friends in Jesus:

Auntie Em said...

He's exercising his 1st amendment rights moron! I know you don't care anything about the 2nd amendment so you probably don't care about the 1st either.

Don't be stupid, there are just as many threats against politicians on the mother jones site and are any of them in jail? Hardly.

Get over yourself.

butt inthefuggindesert neckid said... mail box is open...check in...

butt fromthepineywoods neckid said...

all of those california county sheriffs are in the nortern part of the state...

I grew up in that part of the country, fought forest fires, hunted and raised cattle there...

not many liberals there but they lost the battle wit' the dumbasses from the south...

would love to go back and live there but I would have to take potshots at dumbasses like MRJ to keep them from molestin' my goats...

Anonymous said...

We should not forget that the spark which ignited the American Revolution was caused by the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonists.

Patrick Henry

Anonymous said...

Mother Jones, who made the thoughtful quote?

"This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized state has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future."