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Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Non-Partisan Salute!

We should all feel proud of our political parties and affiliations this week, regardless of which side of the political spectrum.

Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party people, ACLU, Code Pink and many others all came together to support Senator Rand Paul in his filibuster.

We all recognize a very clear threat to our individual rights represented by lethal drones.

Once we dismiss those people that are all about "the ends justify the means", we can indeed come to agreement on important issues.

Give yourself a pat on the back!


Auntie Em said...

Per Greenwald/Guardian: Yesterday, the Nigerian-American writer Teju Cole, in an interview with Mother Jones, said the key fact about US drone killings is that what "we're facing here is an empathy gap". He added:

"Killing a bunch of people in Sudan and Yemen and Pakistan, it's like, 'Who cares - we don't know them.' But the current discussion is framed as 'When can the President kill an American citizen?' Now in my mind, killing a non-American citizen without due process is just as criminal as killing an American citizen without due process - but whatever gets us to the table to discuss this thing, we're going to take it."

See MJ, we can (or should) agree on something!

Mother Jones said...

I thought that whole show put on by Rand was just another one of your silly little rants.

Drone deaths in the US in 2011: 0
Gun deaths in the US in 2011: 31,940

(My source was the CDC.)

Maybe your friends should invest time in something real?

shuttindown said...

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) today released a new analysis indicating that highway deaths fell to 32,367 in 2011, marking the lowest level since 1949 and a 1.9 percent decrease from the previous year. The updated 2011 data announced today show the historic downward trend in recent years continued through last year and represent a 26 percent decline in traffic fatalities overall since 2005.

Well. Looks like the ban on cars is working. Okaaay MJ, you were right and we were wrong. If this keeps up, pretty soon there will be equal or lesser deaths from automobiles than from guns.

Auntie Em said...

So MJ is dissing her own guest Teju Cole? I'm sure he'll be glad to hear.

And actually there have been three Americans killed by drones without due process, just not on our soil so I guess that makes it ok?

Auntie Em said...

Families of those 3 Americans killed by drones have filed lawsuits btw.

They were probably not good people but they were their constitutional right to a trial.

Auntie Em said...

Maybe I should post a copy of this entire conversation on your site, maybe even in the comment section under the Teju Cole interview.

Mother Jones said...

You people missed everything.

Automobiles serve a function, get people from point A to point B. Guns serve primarily one function, kill people.

As far as Rand Paul, I was trying to point out the level of effort Republicans put into really protecting America. If you cared about protecting people all of the Republicans would be up there filibustering for better gun control laws. As it is, no people in this country killed by a Drone and yet you go crazy because it might be used to kill someone.

I am happy to see that the administration was willing to acknowledge that they have to obey the law.

Auntie Em said...

NO MJ YOU are missing it. Guns are for protection.

If dems cared about enabling Americans to protect themselves (note the difference between that and protecting America) then you would allow all Americans to have the tools they want to protect themselves.

Now, did you even notice the difference between protecting America and Americans protecting themselves?

Protecting America is one of the FEW jobs assigned to the Federal government by the constitution. Americans (individuals) have the responsibility to protect themselves. The police are NOT in the job of protecting:

Auntie Em said...

And guns had NOTHING to do with this discussion of a president killing American citizens with drones without due process.

of the reservation said...

Yo' Mama Jones:

You have some sort of real dominatrix need to grab my gun and control it.

Well, all you liberals have a need to work a compromise. Ok, here is my compromise for you.

You can have my firearms. All of them. In exchange for this inalienable right you must give up a right of my choice. For you and every liberal in this country I choose death. In fact, feel free to take my firearm, put the barrel in your mouth, and pull the trigger. I can take care of the details of making sure it is loaded.

There you are. Compromise. Every firearm given up in this country must be matched with a liberal using it to end their life.

I understand, none of this makes sense to you. To you, everything is owned by the collective and the collective decides what to do. There are no individuals and therefore, no rights. You enslave and you are the slave master. Like all liberals, you wake up and tell yourself that you are intellectually superior and only you can make the right decision.

You are very much like your ancestor Andrew Jackson. He saw himself superior to all those savages. As leader of his collective, he needed to march those savages off those lands so his enlightened breatheren could be in control.

Think about this. Many people in this country would rather slaughter you than be a slave to your statists. And that is what Obama is hoping for, what he is preparing for. One thing I learned about war is things never go as planned. When you fight someone who has everything to lose by giving up, they fight like a madman who stops at nothing.

I pray that you will live long enough to see everyone you care about slaughtered before your eyes and everything that you own burned to the ground. For Obama, pray Psalms 108:9

Mother Jones said...

You're not just an angry old white man stuck in his ways. Obviously you can't get any from your wife. Or maybe, you're just not the man she needed. And killing people is so christian? Give me Islam over your guns and bible any day.

You don't need an AR15 or an AK. There are many, many more guns out there you can own without your clips with hundreds of rounds. You can't control your guns, otherwise the felons and mentally deficient people wouldn't keep getting their hands on them.

shuttindown said...

The felons and mentally deficient people keep getting their hands on them...................................because that is exactly what is intended.

Good God ma, you really do envision a utopian Whoville, don't you? You actually think there is some grand plan to [Homer Simpson voice on] make the world better place. Yeah..................

A pretty, peaceful, pleasant world - where everybody farts Shalimar and pogo dances while Barney sings I Love You... You Love Me.......

Gotta tell you, the last time I was this wonder struck was when I was about 7 and saw two dogs getting it on. No no, hold on, there's more to it. What really got me about it was that some lady was trying to get them apart by spraying them with a hose....but they were STUCK together and the poor beasts were in an absolute panic (so was the lady for that matter).

So here is this locomotive-caboose push-pull thing going on, one way...then the other...then back the other way...the proud but soaked parents-to-be yelping and whining, the lady in hysterics, and I'm standing there trying to process it all, not sure if I'm scared, entertained, or embarrassed.
..........Where was I?

Oh yeah. Whoville. That somehow our government, our civic auth-or-a-ties, all of those A-gen-cees, our illustrious Law Enforcement Comm-yun-ity as a whole - all banded together and huddled around the drafting board designing your perfect little town.

Hmmmm. It's like watching those dogs all over again.

Oh yeah - Homer Simpson voice off......

of the reservation said...

Ms. Jones,

I have tried to stay away from stereo types; but, your bigotry has gone to such a low level that you really need a response.

You have been so busy contorting facts and figures that you have missed the one true common thread in all of these mass shootings. It is not the use of an AR-15, as you like to make it out to be. In fact, allow me to let another great American sum it up:

I propose that in keeping with your great liberal thinkers like Woodrow Wilson and the Roosevelt family, that we round up all of these liberals into mental hygiene camps. There we can keep a close eye on them, as well as a good set of gun sights. If at some point you liberals start getting agitated we just unload a whole mess of 40S&W hollow points from DHS to put all you animals down. A liberal solution for a liberal problem with a liberal application of hot lead.

I am a white man? Really? And the way you score points is on the basis of how many times you get poked? The affections of my squaw transcend anything that an animal like you could ever understand. You are one sick twisted freak.

Mother Jones said...

Oh look at you! More of your conservative drivel. All of you just love it in your little dream world. Too bad you missed out on reality.

TshirtDoc said...

Confessions of a Liberal Gun Owner

Auntie Em said...

Doc that is a great article "Confessions of a Liberal Gun Owner", I hope everyone read it. Thanks.