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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Statis or Anarchist?


Anonymous said...

I vote McCain to Statist.

He's in Arizona. There must be a retirement community missing its statist idiot.

of the reservation said...

Government is the negation of liberty. Safety is the negation of liberty. Where in the Constitution does it say “to establish the utmost safety” or “to insure absolute safety”?? General welfare and domestic tranquility are not accomplished through increasing safety. As we increase safety we destroy more of those inalienable rights we were given by our creator. In the name of safety, we submit to government run check points. These check points are run by our government to violate our privacy and inhibit our ability to travel freely. Traveling north of the border I am constantly stopped by Federal agents demanding to prove who I am and if I am a US citizen. To get on a plane, I must submit to being groped and having my belongings, private papers and pictures rifled through by Federal agents on a witch hunt. To date, no TSA agent has found any sort of witch in my carry-on baggage or in my anus. Further it is none of their damn business what I keep within my rectum.

The more Federal agents demand to see our papers or perform colonoscopies, how much is the general welfare or domestic tranquility increased? ABSOLUTELY NONE! In fact, the populace become increasingly angered by being subjected to unconstitutional searches. Add to that the destruction of our Second Amendment rights and all forms of rebellion start to occur.

Where does anyone give a right to the government to tell us we can no longer write a book or an article because we might libel someone? Where does anyone give a right to the government to tell us we cannot drive a car because we might hurt someone? So why should the USeless F(ocking)ederal Govt have a right to tell me I cannot own a firearm? So why should the government have a right to assign me to a “gun list” as if I was a sex offender or a Jew under the Hitler regime?

But this is what the sanctimonious pompous hypocritical liberals want to be able to do. People like Mother Effing Jones believe in collective rights. Liberals believe in the use of violent force to crush individualism to protect the collective. There is no more justice. If there was justice, people like Obama would be tried in a court of law and executed for the murder of thousands of women and children through the abuse of drones overseas. If there was justice, people like Obama would be tried in a court of law and executed as a traitor for providing material aid (firearms) to the enemies (Mexican cartels) of our country. Liberals always get a pass.

To the liberal, the individual women and children who were killed with reckless abandon were necessary for the protection of the collective. To the liberal, anything is justified as long as it fits their definition of necessary and sufficient for the collective. That is why Barrack “Hitler” Obama could not give a straight answer to the limit of his powers in regards to the use of drones in this country. Rand Paul called the statist tyrant out. How dare anyone question the king of the liberals! When I think about drone strikes on civilians, liberals griping about water boarding being torture rings hollow.

Mother Jones said...

My goodness. Have you spent too much time away from your meds?

I've never cared much for McCain. He's a confused old man but he means well.

Those threats against the president will not go lightly. I hope to read about you soon!

shuttindown said...

lol OTR - you've got 'er swooning now - little hands fluttering hither and thro................

[high quavering voice]
Oh my! - you baaad baaad man


of the reservation said...

That poor hussie has been hanging out with girlie-men all her life. I think it is time we bring this little mustang back to the corral and put a saddle on her back.

of the reservation said...

Mother Effing Jones:

Here you go. The more TSA the safer we are?

You need to stop hanging out with your TSA-wanna-be-girlie-men.