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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Are you free?

I want us to stop thinking that government gives us our rights. If they give us rights, they can take them away. Even the constitution does not "give" us rights, it only talks about a few inalienable rights:
Unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor: "inalienable human rights".

In other words we have the right to do ANYTHING we want to do as long as it is not already legislated such as murder, etc. No where in the constitution, does it talk about marriage or what size mag you have with that gun, what food you eat, what size drink with that meal, what you do with your property. We have allowed them to think they can tell us what to do. That kind of thinking enslaves you. Change your thinking and remember, the government works for us.



of the reservation said...

And when the government sees itself as the master and the people as the slave, it is time to slay the beast. Government can only ever survive by stealing from others.

of the reservation said...

You should check out all of the hatred and invective towards homosexual men on the Mother Jones site:

In the comments, at first it seems folks are commenting on the secret taping but quickly devolve in so much hatred toward gay people.

Remarkable behavior Mother Jones. The granduer that defines liberalism, intense bigotry and hatred.