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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Scandal smandal

This is why so many don't care about the shenanigans coming from the White House and why his approval rating has not gone down the way it SHOULD.

They feel no shame.


butt I'mshocked neckid said...


ol' Joe Wilson was right!!!...

shuttindown said...

You know, when you step out for a breath of air as I did last week (i.e. no external inputs whatsoever - politics, economy, free contraception for gays, "he said this, she said this", etc etc ad nauseum...seum....seum...

well, when you step back in, all you really hear is thousands of horns, angry, frustrated - blaring away in logjammed traffic - each thinking its strident call is making all the difference in resolving the problem.

Email? C'mon......this is such a "so what" non-starter folks.

I think I'll go back outside and wait until they announce the candidates for the first batch of Mars colonists. This outta be good - especially for the ones who change their mind in that split nanosecond just before their entry vehicle undocks from the mother ship.
[Freeze frame - look of utter horror as they hear the mechanical click - the realization sets in - too late - mouths formed in large gaping O's as they scream "Noooooooooooooooo! I changed my mind - go back up... GO the F*CK back up!!!"]

OK - you're right Ma - their mouths wouldn't just be in O shapes the whole time if they're saying all that other stuff too.

But it's funny, right?

of the reservation said...

How many times I have to tell you. Keep all hands and arms inside the portals.

Put your tray tables up.

Make sure all contents are stowed in the appropriate receptical beneath you.

Oh, and bend over, grab your ankles, and kiss your sweet butts good-bye.