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Thursday, May 16, 2013

IRS and AP

How can you possibly justify the actions of our government lately?

The IRS targeting ANY group should be criminal whether you agree with the group or not.  The IRS should be non-partisan.  They have been used to target the left in the past and hey guess what?  It was not well received by them then, so they should be screaming just as loud now.

To keep from being hypocritical that is.

And Associated Press having their phones, etc., hacked?  How many confidential informants were exposed during this witch hunt?

The media better pay attention, they are not immune to tyranny.  For too long they have proved how partisan they could be, making many wonder why do they have 1st amendment rights if they are going to abuse them.  So now they see what can happen when they don't do their job and vet everyone in Washington regardless of party affiliation.

Both parties have been guilty of this and you keep voting for them?

Libertarian Party = we are here to take over your government and leave you alone.

You CAN love your country without loving your government.


Mother Jones said...


You people have gone off the hinges. Really???? This is about two civil servants trying to make sense of the Citizens United judgment and Congress's hand in creating law around Social Welfare groups.

You've really scraped the bottom of the barrel of ignorance and stupidity. Again, Obama's ratings are really not taking any sort of hit from this.

AND, you Republicans cry about making us safe and then you cry about the Justice Department trying to stop leaks. You cry for your safety and then cry when the law is being enforced. Maybe when a Democrat enforces the law it's bad.

Again, the people are seeing right thru your mess. Stop the crocodile tears and SHUTUP!

Mother Jones said...

Oh, and your Faux News is showing President Obama's ratings are continuing to climb. Looks like 49% and going up.

As more of the people wake up in the country and see your political grand standing, your case will become weaker and weaker.

You need to learn to live with the other people in this country. We are a social fabric that depends on everyone to get on board. Instead of your fear mongering talk of tyranny, why don't you try a little positive attitude?

Anonymous said...

The IG IRS report already reported that there was deliberate targeting of groups with "tea party" and "patriot" in their descriptions. Progressive groups were ushered right on through. Your assertion that this is just about incompetence is totally wrong.


of the reservation said...


Last I checked, we were supposed to be a country of laws, not popularity. Yes, there are many people getting free ice cream out there. As long as Obama is playing his part as the ice cream man he will be popular (I am thinking about that Van Halen take on Ice Cream Man, but I digress).

Obstruction of Congress is looking like his downfall, with some form of conspiracy angle. Even better, Obstruction of Congress involving terrorism, which increases penalties from five to eight years for Benghazi. With the IRS and AP scandals, he has made a lot of enemies. That means, the inner White House circle is all that is left to protect him.

I say stick the mother, he is done!

Auntie Em said...

I started the post off with "how can you possibly justify..." and dang if MJ isn't trying to do that.

Truly pathetic.

Last time you put forth your one and only bright spot, "O" was at 50% so that is a DECREASE.

And honey, in case you haven't notice, the people ARE indeed waking up, but not to your trends.

I have a positive attitude. I am positive we will take back our country and restore freedoms for all. Even you.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Anonymous said...

Defund the IRS! Time to burn. All of it must burn.


Mother Jones said...

Again, all of you and your little pet cry about your nonsense views. Defund the IRS? Really?

That "decrease" you cling to is in what is referred to as the "margin of error". Obviously you're home schooled. None of you could cope in school, I bet. You should have stayed in public school and received a decent education and been socially well adjusted.

That's ok, we'll prevail.

Auntie Em said...

So in other words, no change? LOL!!!

I wish I had been home schooled, they have a much higher level of success and score higher on tests. Or didn't you know that?

So you think the IRS Targeting conservatives and AP having their records raided by the government is only about two civil servants, right.

Mother Jones said...

Can you present a government funded study? There's a lot of anecdotal evidence about home schoolers in scholastic competitions. But on average, who does better?

You're going to find that public schools successfully educate a greater range of children per capita than your precious home schoolers.

Auntie Em said...

"Government funded study"? Are you serious? You expect them, union based, to be objective on whether they are doing a good job educating our children. HA

I guess that is why the US is sinking lower when compared internationally on education?

How about someone a bit more objective:

The biggest problem with education? Unions. And the federal department. Billions spent and zero return.

Our public system has failed our children, do not even try to defend that one.

Anonymous said...

Hey MJ!

Mind explaining this?

LIE LIE LIE LIE! All your friends do is LIE!

Freedom of the press? Only when it sucks up to Obama?

Baby you're gonna' burn!


Mother Jones said...


Bottom line on the IRS. The IRS didn't abuse anyone. They placed 300 groups, who wanted tax-exempt status under the "social welfare" designation, under additional scrutiny. None of the 300 groups were denied tax-exempt status and were allowed to operate under the tax-exempt status while the IRS was conducting its investigation. All that happened was that these groups had to answer more questions because the names they chose for their groups sounded political in nature. Out of those 300 groups, only 70 of them were "conservative" or "tea party" groups. That's 33.3% or 1/3. They were in the vast minority. To believe that this was somehow a political targeting by the President is beyond ridiculous and is not borne out by any facts.

Auntie Em said...

"An IRS official acknowledged the agency had singled out non-profit applicants with "Tea Party" or "Patriot" in their titles."

And her assertion that the applicatons doubled is also incorrect as noted in the following.

Frankly, I don't think ANY group deserves tax exempt status, religious, charitable or otherwise. But if it is currently acceptable, then you don't ask stupid questions like how often do you pray, copies of their facebook pages, or how someone felt about Planned Parenthood?????


gawd could I get a smarter troll in here????

butt tellin'ya neckid said... many time hab I say'd...arguin' wit' idjits makes yous wun???...

shuttindown said...

" All that happened was that these groups had to answer more questions because the names they chose for their groups sounded political in nature."

Ma, I'm glad to see that as a stalwart liberal you are on board with profiling.
Now we can finally agree that anyone with an excessive amount of the letters [a,k,h,l] in their name, or if it sounds like you're vomiting when trying to pronounce their name, can be regarded with suspicion and singled out by security personnel for extra special attention.

Mother Jones said...

While you Repubs cry and whine, not a one of you is willing to stand up for ACORN. When they were being persecuted, none of you were concerned about their rights and liberties.

Racism isn't dead yet. All of you are keeping it alive and well in the USA.

Auntie Em said...

Excuse you? ACORN was teaching people how to cheat the system!!! They deserved to be investigated.

No sympathy for them here, I would eliminate unions for government employees period.

Are you a new troll? No repubs here thank you. No use for either party, hence the name "Libertarian" Woman.

Now back to the subject, you cannot justify any of this and as I posted in the most recent story, 63% of your own people want a special prosecutor to investigate. So who are you mocking? Yourself?

Mother Jones said...

I'm pointing out that when it's another organization it's ok for the feds to lock 'em up. When it's one of yours, government is all bad.

Just pointing out that you're another tool of the Rush/Beck/Hannity crowd regurgitating Repub talking points.

Waaa Waaa Waaa, cry and whine.

No difference between ACORN and your tea bag stuffers.

Auntie Em said...

You are not making any sense. What was ACORN investigated for? Fraud.

BIG difference.

I was against Nixon and his hit list, I'm sure you were too.

ACORN sucked. They were not targeted just because they were liberal. Infact they were not targeted at all until it came out how they were teaching people how to cheat the system and how they forced banks to make bad loans that we are all paying for now.

Any other examples? Didn't think so.

of the reservation said...

I have said it and many others have said it. ObamaHellScare meant death panels; however, I was wrong about one thing. I never thought that it would start with a 10 year old girl.

I listened to the Sebelius testimony today. As I listenend to her talk, I could not help but imagine the sort of man Josef Rudolf Mengele must have been. The eugenics movement of the 30's that produced men like this here in the US is now back into the movement of Woodrow Wilson and the progressives, to cleanse humanity. Sebelius talked with a tone that someone would use discussing whether to plant a tree on one side of a side walk or another. It was pure, cold, calculation. The harbinger of ObamaHellScare to come.

Mother Jones, you are rancid in the septic nature of your ethics and morals. This horrific behavior from almost 90 people in the IRS, originating from the IRS offices in Washington, D.C., is all the evidence we need of a NeoNazi establishment leading our nation. This same organization is packed with people who have no morals, no ethics. These same people will be responsible for implementing our medical health care. If you are a conservative, you do not get a transplant. If you are a liberal then you get whatever you want. If you are a Christian then let you die.

This USeless F(ucking)ederal Govt already kills people illegally. They do it overseas and here. My tribe had a legal treaty with this government. For what the government stole from us we got empty promises. We were confined to a reservation and when we were dying from treatable TB, they chose to box us up and let us die slowly. Sebelius is very much the figure head for this type of behavior.

I am not beholden to Christian values. I say that if these NeoNazi bigots sentence us to death through their panels and regulations then we retaliate with fire power. If we are to be killed then we strike back and decimate the ranks of the liberals. Kill them all, their families, everything.

Over 200 years ago, the founders of this country went to war with tyrannical brits over a 2% tax increase on a breakfast beverage, AND IT WAS NOT EVEN COFFEE!!!

And now, all of you will sit by and let a bunch of NeoNazis led by Obama and Sebelius withold life-saving treatment from a 10 year old girl. THIS COUNTRY DESERVES TO BURN!

Mother Healthy Jones said...

Chief Running But! You're "cracken" me up! This is better than SNL. You need to check in to a rehab center.

Somebody has to make a decision about legitimate candidates based upon relevant success criteria. The dollars for medical procedures and organs available make it a difficult decision process. All that has happened here is that reasonable physicians have reviewed the data of the day and make decisions that benefit society as a whole. GROW UP PEOPLE!

Go ahead and start a war with US. I hope you do. Then you're nonsense can be dispensed with.

shuttindown said...

"Somebody has to make a decision about legitimate candidates based upon relevant success criteria. The dollars for medical procedures and organs available make it a difficult decision process. All that has happened here is that reasonable physicians have reviewed the data of the day and make decisions that benefit society as a whole."

Oliver Wendell Douglas used to make great speeches like that - remember? Yes you do - Yankee Doodle would start piping in the background as he went on and on and on.......

Auntie Em said...

Physicians had nothing to do with those decisions and you cannot prove otherwise!

More and more are fighting back:

of the reservation said...

I see, M Effer J is in competition for the Mengele award.

Welcome to the new Nazi Regime. The eugenics movement is alive and well.

A number of the people on the waiting list of a lung put themselves there. What I mean by that is, they are usually previous smokers who stopped when they simply could not pull a good drag.

That 10 year old girl did nothing to deserve this, yet in good old liberal fashion, we reward the people who make bad decisions and destroy the people who are not out there doing harm to others.

Knowing how M Effer Jones resorts to half truths and sinuendo to lead others down a false path, I do want to make something clear. Current smokers cannot go on that list. Only people that have given up smoking. But like I said, by the time they make that list they are in such bad shape they could not take a good puff on a cig. Nothing to stop them from going back to smoking after they get that lung.

Remind anyone of that slut named Fluke? She can fornicate early, often, and with many. But when it comes to the consequences of those actions we have to pay for her mistakes.

Liberals are murderers and an abomination before anything decent. They need to be exterminated.

Anonymous said...

The IRS has shown that they are bigoted and act on party lines. There is every reason to prove the IRS has no business running our health care. Convert to communism or die!

It will burn! It will ALL BURN!

Mother Jones said...

Chief Shoots the Bull,

Really? You said

"A number of the people on the waiting list of a lung put themselves there. What I mean by that is, they are usually previous smokers who stopped when they simply could not pull a good drag."

Really? You've got access to these lists? Give us some numbers? You know the medical history of these people????

You're a liar. Just like the rest of your little friends. Besides, who's playing god now?

Anonymous said...

Mother Jones,


You come here demanding citations when you just troll and offer nothing relevant.

Really? You offer nothing.

You're a liar. Just like the rest of your liberal friends.

See how that works?