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Friday, May 17, 2013

Scandals and Obama's approval rating



Mother Jones said...

Hey Girl,

In the article it also says that the effect is short. The ratings go up soon afterwards.

Do you read the stuff you cite here? I've never seen a bigger bunch of clowns.

Auntie Em said...

Obviously I read them better than you just did.

It says "often" not a definite. and it also says "granted that his scandal trifecta doesn’t become larger over the next few days" which I am betting it will!

Of course there is the ever present moron factor to consider, that anything Obama does is ok with you people, even killing Americans with drones, Nixon-like behaviour, etc.

of the reservation said...

M Effer J,

You are dumber than rocks. You are either a tool of the establishment or you are just that stupid.

What you fail to understand the following three fundamental principles:

The Democrat party (liberals, etc.) are the vanguard of the Socialist/Communist/Statist movement.

The Republican party (including faux conservatives, RINOs, etc.) is nothing more than a place-holder. They exist to present a false opposition when the Democrats are in power. When they are in power, they spend away no differently and prop up their own social welfare programs.

The Media, the Fourth Estate, is used as propaganda tool for the ruling authoritarian oligarchy occupying the District of Columbia.

A lot of this is set up and timed to manipulate the public. One of the big agenda items for this administration is gun confiscation. Holder does gun running to frame gun rights people. While these scandals are in place, Obama is preparing to sign the UN Gun Control Treaty come June 3. Once that happens all we need is another liberal to walk into a school zone and gun down more children to get the treaty ratified.

IRS is used as a political tool. Created by the progressives, its intent was as a socialist tool to redistribute wealth. When it was passed, everyone was promised only those wealthy rich mothers on Rhode Island would get taxed. Then came the brain washing, paying taxes is the right thing for a citizen to feel good about.

Now the IRS is used to stop constitutionalists, libertarians, conservatives, gun rights groups, pro-life groups. Everyday we find more people involved in that scandal.

And when certain members of the government propaganda organ we call the fourth estate get out of line, Holder invokes an arcane interpretation of the Espionage Act of 1917. All you liberals were about protecting whistle blowers. But what you really meant was that when people expose your socialist take-over agenda you put them in jail as traitors to the socialist-authoritarian movement.

Mother Jones said...

Off your rocker,

You blow hard and often. You spend so much time writing you don't stop to think. You'll let Rush and Beck do your thinking for you. Try engaging what few neurons you've got left. Maybe you should lay off that fire water.

Faux news is not real news. It's a propaganda leg for you and your repub yahoos. They aren't news and they don't deserve any special treatment. They should all be put in jail. There's no scandal here. Maybe you should listen to "Coast to Coast." More fitting to your life style.

Auntie Em said...

WHERE do you see ANY references to Rush or Beck?

You wish it were that simple, it would be so much easier for you to explain to your simpleton brain!

You always deflect but never answer direct questions about specific issues.

Do you think it is ok for the IRS to target any group? If it's ok for them to target the Tea Party, then what happens when the other side gets in office? They target you, Code Pink, Planned Parenthood, etc. Will that be ok? Using your "logic", yes it would be.

Address that.

Mother Jones said...

You people use talking point from the Repubs, Beck, and Rush. I am not so naive.

Auntie Em said...

One little problem with your "logic" MJ -- I haven't listened to or watched any of those in SOOOOO long.

Spin again!

shuttindown said...

I'm pretty sure the Repubs, Beck, and Rush think shit stinks. That must be why I also think shit stinks.

Auntie Em said...

Well SD I'm sure they agree this particular shit stinks but they have been pretty good at shoveling it themselves!!!