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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Barack has got to go!

Sorry, but his kind of change we cannot afford. His bright idea of taxing the so-called rich even more than they already pay will cost you and I our jobs!!! Small business owners all over the nation are already drafting plans to cut back on their employees should Obama get his new tax strategy in place.

Read for yourself:

Plus do you know he wants the US to contribute $13 trillion (look closely, that's a T) to the United Nations new plan to eliminate povery world wide.

The Republicans let us down big time in the last go around but the democrats will throw us all under the bus cause that's how they get their votes. "Vote for me I'll cut your taxes", course you won't have a job.....

Keep one thing in mind people. The Government does NOT subsidize or pay anything! WE DO. Every time some politician (who does not participate in our social security program by the way) comes up with some clever benefit for us, usually those already not paying any taxes to begin with, the money has to come from somewhere. I want them out of my pocket.