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Friday, July 11, 2008

Throw away vote?

Hmmm vote for Barack, knowing he's a socialist? Vote for McCain knowing he's not really a Republican and might kiss up to the Dems too much? I'd probably vote for him if he took Huckabee as VP. ONLY because Huck is for the Fair Tax initiative. The Fair Tax is the best solution we have to save our financial nation but that is a discussion for another post.

Back to Huckabee. Just way too religious for me. So what do we do? Throw away our vote?

How many times have you heard that expression? Well hell (hell is ok), if you think it's a throw away then make a statement while you are doing it. Vote for Bob Barr.

No I'm not pushing Barr, just giving you another option.

There was a time when there were no Democrats or Republicans. They were once a new party. All new changes start with that first vote that everyone else says was wasted.

Did you take the test?


Scrappy said...

I did take the test and, like you know because we talked about this when I visited you, I am dead on 100% Libertarian in every sense! I do have religious beliefs, but I strongly beleive that God gave us a free will to choose him, not choose him, or totally not believe in Him. If that were not the case we would all be "God's little robots". Therefore since I beleive spiritually we all have a freedom to choose it is not my right or the right of anyone else to force those beliefs nor demand anyone to conform to my Christian (or anyone elses religion) beleifs. Each person should choose for themselves and be respectful of other's convictions. I will not pass judgement nor think less of someone because they do not agree with me. Now, anyone up for a game of ping pong?

Auntie Em said...

LOL!!!! Well you found my other side! I goofed on my scrapping blog and posted a link here instead of to TVWeekly, my bad.

But glad you are here and visit often. Warning, you may not like all you hear here!

Ping pong you goof.

Scrappy said...

Joyce -- do you really think you can offend me? Not! It is me that is offending others. LOL! I gotta get some ping pong balls and peg them at the TV when the "vote for me" commercials come on!

Auntie Em said...

OH don't you just Love (not) those commercials?