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Friday, July 11, 2008


Personally I think we did indeed discover WMD. What is your definition of WMD? It stands for weapons of mass destruction of course. But most people think that means nuclear. Saddam and his Republican Guard were known for hiding things in the desert. Actually bury them! And sure enough, we found a group of bombers. Planes. Buried in the sand. Wrapped and protected so they could be put into service when need be. At another spot in the desert, some distance from the bombers we found nerve gas canisters. Equipped to be released from the bombers which were also outfitted to handle the same canisters. Enough nerve gas to kill 250,000 people! COUNT THE ZEROES!!!!

Now, how much more "MASS DESTRUCTION" do you want?

Okay, bad man gone, people there can vote, infrastructure getting back in place, and they are making some headway against the insurgents (sponsored by Iran by the way). So. We do need to start turning things over to the locals so we can get out. Not at a run!!!! As some would have us do, but with dignity and leaving behind something we can be proud of. These people in Iraq can be a very powerful friend as we sit back and watch that wacko in Iran.

Of course Israel will go in and attack them, then our problem will be convincing everyone that we had nothing to do with it!! HA. Geez, our friendship with them will drag us into yet another war.

Can someone tell me why we support them so much? Please leave religion out of it.

Oh yeah!!! Oil.

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