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Sunday, July 13, 2008

How to speak Democrat

This is hilarious! Heard it driving down the road, had to find it to share with you.


“Democrats are progressive.”

Translation: “Democrats are regressive.”

“CHANGE” = “THE 1970s”

“Democrats will bring you change.”

Translation: “Democrats will bring you the 1970s.”


“Democrats support proactive government.”

Translation: “Democrats support proactive socialism.”


“Democrats will enhance revenues.”

Translation: “Democrats will raise taxes.”


“Democrats will only tax the rich.”

Translation: “Democrats will only tax you.”


“Democrats will invest your money.”

Translation: “Democrats will waste your money.”


“Democrats have an energy policy.”

Translation: “Democrats have a lethargy policy.”


“Democrats will replace your blue collar jobs with green collar jobs.”

Translation: “Democrats will replace your blue collar jobs with unemployment.”

Thanks to Rep. Thad McCotter.

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