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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I don't know how....

we are ever going to improve things here in the United States when almost exactly half the country feels 1) they deserve more without working for it or 2) that we should give more.

How can we ever fight that?

This is forced charity.


Scrappy said...

What is even more scary is that thed house and senate are now majoritty democratic and unless the Republicans Philabuster everything change is coming. I think all the people who make over$70,000 a year should quit working! I mean then Obama can support them, but who the hell would he tax?

Auntie Em said...

Not only that:

Fairness Doctrine - we'll lose what little bit of watchdog we have in a media that has totally let us down

Civilian Defense Force - back to the days of neighbors snitching on neighbors

Rebatable Tax Credits - for people who don't pay taxes to begin with how is THAT going to bring down the deficit???

Increase/institute new fines and regulations on the coal industry to where most of them will go bankrupt trying to keep up. Those are HIS words btw. Take that Ohio and Pennsylvania.

I'm sure there are others but I'm too depressed.....

Scrappy said...

Very shocked that the coal state voted him in! Really, what the hell are they thinking?

Oh, and today, Russia aimed misssles at Georgia and the leader wants to sit dowm and have a talk with Obama in two weeks. Isreal was bombed also. The stock market took a 600 point dip. Do I need to go on?

Not to mention that, but the victory party for Obama was at his best friend's house -- his best friend is a convicted terrorist! Also, the church that Obama went to for 20 years preached hate messages about America. The preacher was one of Obama's mentors! What the hell are we thinking voting this man in!

I hope that he does pass some stuff in congress and senate and then the people who voted for him will have some sense knocked into them!

Auntie Em said...

It's a real shame that we have to suffer to come to our collective senses, but you are probably right.