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Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Socialism does NOT work!

A big raspberry out to my Kiwi friend.

Our founding fathers set this country up as a Republic. Does everyone know what that means? A Democracy is rule by man. Republic is rule by law. This is an important distinction because they KNEW that there would be times when the men in power would be tempted to practice law according to their own personal agenda and try to change the very fundamentals of who we are. Rule of man is inconsistent, occasionally evil and always unreliable.

Now, Socialism is basically boiled down to this quote "from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs". Let's take a closer look.

Who decides the masses needs? Socialism again breaks away from the Rule by Law. The "needs" will vary depending on who is in power at the time. And how much from each? Another chance for inconsistency to rear it's ugly head.

America has an ungodly (sorry T&M) amount of people who are all to willing to stick their hands out. I don't think we have enough working people to support them all according to what they consider to be their "needs". What level is ok? Tax rate of 36%? 50%? Where does it stop?

There are a few nations out there that claim Socialism works for them. Health care is paid for, college education is paid for. From these people I hear "the government pays...". Well sorry to disappoint but that is just Impossible! The Government doesn't pay a dime. Taxpayers are paying for all these benefits. Government doesn't create jobs (unless it's paying someone to pick up trash alongside the road). Industries, Corporations create jobs. And the only way to get them to do that is to make it attractive for them to do so.

We have an astronomically porous border. And these "illegal aliens" are draining our system more and more. If we were pure Socialist, our system would completely fall apart. We are under pressure already. No way can we afford to take care of everyone.

The LA Times reported that out of all the Illegals in the state of California, only 2% are involved in the harvesting of table goods that Immigration proponents claim is reason enough to let them in. Yet an astounding 28% are on welfare.

Socialism depends on SOMEONE working. The percentage of workers to non-workers in this country is in danger of tipping our boat for good.


Kylie said...

Take your raspberry back! I made you laugh didn't I - that was my desired effect. I know who pays for socialism and I don't mind paying taxes at 36% in the dollar, plus we have another 12.5% GST and one day, if I ever get there, I'll earn more and my tax rate will be even higher!!! Where I come from, if you ask people whether they would like better health care, better education or a tax cut, the vast majority wouldn't pick the tax cut - in fact, in referendums, that is what they have chosen. We voted on Saturday and the party that got in happens to be the party that wasn't promising tax cuts - they freely admitted that unless a spending freeze occurred, with teh rising costs of everything, they would have to raise taxes. Socialism does work, it just may not work for America!!!! Note my emphasis on may not! Heck, even prostitution is legal in New Zealand so that the government can tax them! It's a different country, I know that, all I said was.......Socialism - why it works. Nothing more.....take your bloody raspberry back, I don't want it!!!!

Auntie Em said...

No you still get a raspberry!!! LOL Love ya!

I still think people being encouraged to take care of themselves and pay their own way is the best. Course to do that we have to have enough jobs and the best way to do that here is the FairTax initiative. Do away with all taxes and just have a 23% National Sales tax. Registered citizens would be monthly checks to offset taxes on necessities like food and clothing. Taxes would be eliminated for corporations, which would result in drastically reduced prices on goods. Plus, corporations would be knocking our doors down to come back here to set up shop, thereby providing jobs for everyone!

Look at the taxes involved in just making a loaf of bread right now, every step of growing wheat, transportation, production, transport again, sales all are taxed at their individual levels adding up to $2 or more a loaf. Get rid of all those "imbedded taxes" and the price would drop probably to a dollar!

Oh and under the FairTax, prostitutes, drug dealers and all other illegal activities would pay tax. Our revenues would go way UP!!!

The Free Market system does work. IF the government stays out of it. This stupidity about giving loans out to people that would not normally qualify is what is tearing us up right now. It was a dumb idea. Some conservatives called for regulation and the liberals said no. If they had let the banks and mortgage people decide who gets the loans using the experience they have in such matters, we would be ok.

It was a loving raspberry!

Auntie Em said...

... and how high does it have to get before you do mind paying more?

I would mind!

Tara O'Rourke said...

I mind paying more...especially if it's to give my hard earned $$ to someone who crawled over the border so to speak with their hand out. They don't DESERVE to get a hand out. They don't DESERVE this hand out so I cannot afford to buy my own children's college education. That's CRAP. I protest NOW. BTW, I have seen how socialized medicine works. No thanks. Relax Kylie and fussing please! ;) Love you both

Auntie Em said...

Interesting discussions.

Will ya'll be back for my energy rounds?

Tara O'Rourke said...

bring it on...LOL...I'll read when I can.