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Friday, May 8, 2009

Federal Reserve - American Downfall

Whew, my head is spinning. Now, don't say I don't love you guys cause this has been a painful journey and is not over by a long shot.

Let's start with our National Debt:

$ 1 1 , 2 6 0 , 4 4 1 , 3 7 9 , 4 9 1 . 4 7

Scary ain't it? That's as of May 9th and the 2009 Budget our President has written in blood is not included.

In 2008, we (all us taxpayers) paid $412BILLION just in interest on this debt.

To the Federal Reserve! So supposedly we owe The Fed $11.2 Trillion.

Do ya feel like you just kissed your brother? We owe ourselves almost is the way it feels.

The Federal Reserve is a private entity created in 1913. According to the contract, we could opt out for only $450 million!!! Look how much we could save! They "loan" the government money through the various regional Fed Banks, print it out of thin air basically and charge us interest.

I don't understand a lot about this, hopefully I'll be able to talk some friends into helping me write more on this.

Here are some links, inside there are many more links. It's a LOT of studying. The important thing is that there is a piece of legislation right now calling for a full audit of the Federal Reserve. Can you believe they have NEVER been audited!?! It is HR1207, so far has 134 signatures.

If this worries you as much as it does me, make sure your representative signs this bill so we can get it out of committee and on to a vote.


LiberalHater said...

Hey, great post!! I have a few little extra "goodies" to add to this. First of all, if you have a 1 hour lunch at work and speakers on your computer, take the time to listen to all 7 parts of this guy:

He explains this in the most simplistic terms for people to understand what is really going on with The Federal Reserve. I'm currently reading his book, "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and it is a HUGE eye opener.

The one thing about them that really gets me riled up is the fact that they are a private business and they pay no corporate taxes whatsoever. Yet, they produce the largest indirect tax on the American People for the services they provide.

Secondly, when the Federal Reserve System came to the government and asked to contract with them so they could handle all of our money policies, they promised that they could provide a "flexible dollar" that would guarantee that our economy would never experience another problem like the Great Panic of 1907. Yet, we have went through a Great Depression, probably 10 recessions, and are now on the verge of economic collapse once again. They have failed in their stated objectives and there is no reason why we should continue doing business with a company that isn't following through with their services they promised us.

Auntie Em said...

Thanks LH! You're my hero!

Please feel free to post any and all links and comments here, you certainly understand this better than I.