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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SEIU, ACORN and Universal Health Care

What do they all have in common? Turns out, both SEIU and ACORN are subsidiaries of CCI, which is based in New Orleans. There are 270 companies all traced back to CCI, almost all, have something to do with health care services.

They all have reps in Washington every day lobbying for this Universal Health Care bill to be pushed through so they can get their hands on as much of it as they can.

They are also responsible for President Obama pressuring the Governor of California to rescind the pay cuts negotiated with their state health care workers. We all know California is in very serious budget trouble. They negotiated in good faith with the state health care workers who AGREED to the pay cuts to help the state of California.

Along comes SEIU who intercedes and gets Washington involved, threatening to withhold their stimulus money if these pay cuts are not rescinded.

I'm telling you people, it is not worth taking the stimulus money. The Federal Government wants to run every facet of the state and local governments which are supposed to be, according to the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, sovereign and separate from the Federal! of course their website is now blocked you just get the main logo

Lawsuits abound against ACORN, with ties to SEIU: National Review report

14 states have filed fraud charges on voter registration. They get paid based on how many people they get to sign up, in funds from taxpayers and money from political parties and corporations.

This is all BIG money in politics and BIG money in health care. ACORN may have started out with the best intentions, but money has corrupted it's direction. They will also have to answer embezzlement charges.

So when you are thinking, gee that universal health care sure sounds like a grand idea, just think of the corrupt lobbyists and pocket padders involved and then think how they are going to affect the cost of this program.

Oh and that is just two of the 270 companies associated with CCI. It could get worse. Much worse.

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***9/16 Update****

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