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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ummmm, why didn't we elect this guy?

Okay, I'm kinda jumping all over the place in my subject matter but just ran across this video. Never really listened to Ron Paul before but dang! He's good!

Watch This


Tim Ernandes said...


You are my favorite poster at!

Here's my answer re: Ron Paul.

I was Ron Paul's greatest fan for years, when I read his commentary and his record. My local congressman (who was recently defeated a la Al Franken by the Soros machine) was a member of his Liberty Committee.

My problem was that when Ron Paul appeared in debates, he did not play well to the camera. By that I mean, while he was cogent and thoughtful in print, on camera, he appeared wild-eyed and out of control. This disturbed me a little bit... and I was also disturbed because I disagree with his position that Iraq was not a threat to us.

Afghanistan turned out to be a real threat, yet on the surface, prior to 9/11, who would have thought so? I'm sure Dr. Paul would have been non-interventionist there as well. I don't disagree with his views on scaling back our proliferation of military bases, though... one of the reasons why we are routinely 'dissed' by our allies is because we have relieved them of their responsibility to defend themselves.

Ron Paul needs to recognize that there are people out there who would do us harm if we give them the chance. He made me believe that he could not see that. He also needs to maintain his composure in debates. That video did not include some of his less-than-calm moments.

Auntie Em said...

Tim dude! You shoulda left your forum name, but I'll look for ya anyway. Thanks for stopping by!

Ron Paul's, shall we say passionate, blustery approach was probably what prevented me from looking at him closer in the last election. And now General Petraus (sp) is saying Al Qaeda is NOT in Afghanistan (didn't I say that on the board?) so Paul is right about getting out of there.

I feel we did some good in Iraq, lots would disagree. But maybe it is time we pulled back and at least re-assess why we are where we are.

It's an ongoing debate that is for sure. But Paul definitely would have been better for our economy.

See ya on Boortz!

LiberalHater said...

Tim Ernandes,
There is one thing you're missing in your comment. Ron Paul has continued to be in favor of the war in Afghanistan. He supports going after the terrorists. It's just that people got so wrapped up in his stance against Iraq, that they forgot he was in favor of catching these thugs for what they did to us on 9/11. He is certainly not what everyone is making him out to be. I will find his comments on Afghanistan and post them here. Give me some time to round them up!!

LiberalHater said...

OK, I did find one video of him actually saying that he supports the Afghanistan, but he opposes the expansion into Pakistan and any troop buildup from it's current situation. However, I did find that he voted in favor of "Authorization for Use of Military Force Against September 11 Terrorists", which began the invasion into Afghanistan. So, contrary to popular belief, he does believe in going after the terrorists, just not taking our eye off the prize.

Auntie Em said...

Okay! That's great, that should put a stop to the whiners about Paul not being for a strong defense. Just "FOR" a defense in the right direction!