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Thursday, June 11, 2009

HR1207 - 222!!!! Wahoo!!!

Hey LiberalHater, Ivan, Red Leader, if ya'll visit my blog shout out! We're getting there.


LiberalHater said...

This is HUGE news!!! I'm even surprised that a nutjob like Kucinich signed on to this one. How many co-sponsors does the FairTax have? Probably not 1/4 of this one. Did you see that proceedings will begin next month on this? I CAN'T WAIT. A recent news article that came out (which I can't seem to find in google at the moment) talked about this and said that if the Fed gets audited, they're SCREWED.

Auntie Em said...

Yep! It's a wonderful thing.

BUT we still have to watch for the Senate trying to water down their version. My senators won't, call yours.

Do ya get the feeling Boortz is trying to tame us by not posting comments right away?????

LiberalHater said...

Hey Em,
I have some bad news about this situation. I just got this message from a friend of mine yesterday and thought I would post part of his message for you and everyone to read:

"Looks like the federal reserve scored a big power grab from the fdic today as the new "systemic regulator". Ron paul is probably not happy about this. I think this probably kills the chances of an audit. I got a call from orrin hatch's office today he is going to call me later. I blasted him at the conference this weekend about repaying tarp funds so that obama does not spend them. Not sure if he wants to continue the conversation or blast me for taking him to task in public. I told him that I would guarantee him a loss in summit county if he did not shout from the moutain tops to have obama pay the tarp money back to treasury instead of wasting it on more bs government programs. I must admit he is a pretty cool cucumber, but I would elect a democrat before I would vote for him again."

Auntie Em said...

LH, I had a feeling that would happen when this new "fed" power was announced.

Friends in high places eh?

If this kills us, then our next chance to TRY to set things right will be the mid-terms, I can't think of anything else. Can you?

LiberalHater said...

Co-Sponsors are now up to 234!!