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Friday, June 26, 2009

World Politics

I've had to listen to many people, some friends, talk about how ignorant Americans are when it comes to foreign politics and history. Even heard some Americans agree "Yes we are".

I've had to bite my tongue so much there are practically scars on my tongue.

I find it extremely arrogant, that anyone outside of our country, not used to our history and politics to even think we should study theirs. Especially those still in the grips of "The Commonwealth". Why, they are actually proud of that fact! And find me narrow minded.

When in actuality, I am again, biting my tongue.

Frankly, I have indeed studied their systems. And find them appalling. Especially appalling is their refusal to remember that we fought a war to extricate ourselves from that very same "system".

WHY THE HELL do they think I would be the least bit interested in understanding it. I understand it too well. And reject it.

We fought to remove ourselves from the monarchy/socialist leaning British tyranny over 200 years ago. Why would we now want to take on their health care. Their environmental laws. Their international treaties.

As Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP for South East England, said: "What the hell is America thinking?".

Yes Daniel, what are we thinking?

I still love my foreign friends. But they are very hard on my oral health....