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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Interesting little tidbit on Liberal Talking Points

We've been seeing on sites like Boortz and others a rash of very forceful libs bashing us to bits with volumes of posts about the health plan. They are generally dumb but the sheer number can be daunting. Seemed to be too staged. So I went a looking.

Found this on Daily Kos in an article about a video of Lewis Black dogging the GOP:

"Now, before someone says Black didn't offer substantive facts in his rebuttals, sometimes folks, when you're dealing with truly stupid talking points, the best response isn't one filled with facts and figures, but rather snarky dismissiveness. Showing McConnell's anecdote doesn't even qualify as an urban legend is brilliant IMO."

Now, the part that got me was the instruction to NOT use facts and figures but rather to use "snarky dismissiveness"! Especially since one of our posters who is especially painful to deal with goes by the name of snarkybird. Hmmmmm, now maybe I can fire back at him.

They always give themselves away!

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Auntie Em said...

I posted this story on Boortz first thing this morning. No one commented on it, BUT the trolls were almost well behaved today. One even thanked me for a different link I posted.

See, who says you can't teach a lib new tricks!