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Sunday, July 19, 2009

United Breaks Guitars

After my hellish travel experiences to and from San Antonio, this video is particularly amusing!

Yeah Bets, it's country.

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Scrappy said...

Funny you should post this right before I fly! LOL! To see that busted guitar was heart breaking -- I don't even like it when the guitarist does it to his own guitar after he uses it on stage (John Rich nearly gave me a heart attack when he did it). Although, if I were him (in video) I would collect the money and send it to charity of HIS choice. I would not give United that option. In fact, I would tell them where I was sending it and then to match it directly with the charity! I know who could use the money too -- my public charter school where I am teaching 5th grade! It is an at risk school and most the children are from foster or group homes, or homeless. He could even tell them to give it directly to my classroom! ;-)

1down4up said...

LOL -- talk about making lemonade with a bunch of lemons. This catastrophe was heaven sent. i hope he does well with his added exposure. he was on CNN ---->

Auntie Em said...

Hey Doc, yep he was great. He has two more songs about this coming out.