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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some people just have a Rush obsession

My response to one that can not go a day without complaining about Rush Limbaugh supposedly being tauted as the head of the Republican Party, which is bull.


I really really don't understand your obsession with Rush Limbaugh. He does NOT run the party. He is one voice of many of conservatives. And really, the only ones that talk about him are the liberal media so you are falling for their game. He was on Greta's show the other day and that is the only time I've seen him anywhere in months. He says himself he is not the head of the party.

It's not about "too many syllables" it's that your message is confused. Are you truly conservative or are you a troll in disguise that was assigned the duty of bringing up Rush every chance you get?

I can't think of anyone on this forum who even mentions him at all - EXCEPT YOU!
The head of the Republican party is Michael Steele in case you didn't know. As far as a leader for candidacy, we don't have one, yet. Working on that. You have any ideas?

If you are truly a conservative, how about coming out with some positive ideas.

These people for instance:

They are looking for TRUE conservatives to support for various offices across the country. If any of you want to run for any office, these would be good people to contact. Or donate to.

See, there are some positive things we can do. The left would have everyone believe it's just about no no no. That's what they would like. Don't fall for it.


LiberalHater said...

I've thought about running for office myself one day, but I have too many skeletons in the closet, LOL!! As far as Rush Limbaugh being the conservative leader, that IS a bunch of bull. I don't seek out his knowledge when it comes to learning about who's spitting on our Constitution today.

Auntie Em said...

Ah come on, you've paid your taxes, how bad could it be!?!