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Friday, July 3, 2009

July 4th, 2009

I would have liked to title today's post Independence Day, but don't quite have the feel for independence this year, not yet. Maybe I'll have a special Independence Day post after the elections November 2012. Or even a smaller one 2010.

Well after many drafts, cups of coffee and way more than the governments recommended dosage of tylenol, I have finally decided on my post for today. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be up beat and positive or doom and gloom which is a feeling all too often these days. But I do fight it! We have to fight it or just give up and become one of the looters from Atlas Shrugged.

So I will start with a quote I picked up off Freedom Watch 7/1/09, thanks Judge Napolitano.

Justice Felix Frankfurter, 1882-1965. As you can see from his years on this earth, he was witness to a lot of changes in our nation and the world. Even after all these years, I find this quote especially appropriate for today:

"The loss of Liberty rarely comes overnight. It usually comes because of well intended people and the unintended consequences of their use and abuse, of the government to interfere in our lives."

This is one of those quotes that will pop into your head many times in the days, months and years to come. It means more and more as you think of it.

Our Constitution was written by men who instinctively knew there would be unintended consequences. They tried to give us the tools to avoid or at least minimize their damage until such time that we saw the results with clear eyes and enabled us to take steps to reverse these consequences. As long as we follow this blueprint, this path mapped out by our founders, we are protected from long term damage to our Republic.

We have strayed from our path. It is still in sight, we just need to check our compasses and begin the journey back. The path is dark, light a torch, and step carefully. We can find our way.

Happy July 4th

Make a difference.

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