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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anita Dunn - admires.... wait for it.... Chairman Mao!!!

I'm sure by now you have heard, at least on CNN, how Anita Dunn, The White House Communications Director, has accused Fox News of being nothing more than the "investigative" arm of the Republican Party. They certainly aren't "a real news source like CNN".

Anita has some very good credentials for being able to twist the truth and put forth propaganda to promote her chosen agenda, or in this case, President Obama's agenda.

But now Glenn Beck has one of his secret Refounders sending him this video of Anita Dunn. Quite amazingly, turns out that Anita's two favorite and most admired political philosophers are Chairman Mao and Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa we can all understand but Mao????

Here's the part that urks me the most. Her speech is for high school students. Is history being rewritten to the point where someone responsible for up to 70million deaths is a person to be admired??? Do you want your kids to think he's a good guy?

Yet again, we find another person close to the President with questionable motivations.

But wait you say, they will just let her "resign" in the middle of the night, just like Van Jones, so no biggy right? I'm pretty sure they thought of that when the decision was made to attack Fox. Could she have been chosen specifically for this job? Knowing, she was expendable? She is after all, only in this position temporarily:

Why Anita Dunn


Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

I know I know, tonight's post was supposed to be a story on progressivism. But this was too good to pass up and in a way, it fits!

butt neckid said...

damn it you did it a'gin... it is PRESIDUNCE OSAMABAMA

Tim said...

What the F is wrong with her tongue? It keeps jumping out of her mouth. Maybe its not used to the truth.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

ROFLOL!!! Ok, now we know, all the Presidents Men (and women) have tongue disease.

butt neckid said...


butt neckid said...

mao.....wasn't sooooo bad....look what he did for birth control