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Thursday, October 29, 2009

New & Improved Pelosi Plan!

1990 pages! Outrageous. Can't wait to see what CBO makes of it. I've been flipping through the Brief Summary and the Detailed Summary, here's just a few pieces I've found so far:

HSA reimbursements: do you have one? enjoy using it for over the counter medications? Well that will end under this plan. Also contributions will be limited to $2500 a year and withdrawal for non-medical will increase from 10% to 20%. Yeah. Swell.

Affordability Credits for up to 400% Federal Poverty Limits. Oh great! that should help struggling families with the cost of insurance! One little problem, the credits are ONLY if you participate in the exchange (government option). Yeah. Swell.

Think you'll be able to get only the coverage you need and leave out the crap coverage like maternity care (I'm 53, no thanks). No. Sorry. Plans are still all inclusive. Some savings there.

Wanna keep your current plan? Make sure it's acceptable or you'll pay an additional tax. How do you tell if it's acceptable? Heck if I know. Read this and see if you can understand it: Sec. 501. Tax on individuals without acceptable health care coverage. Provides for a 2.5% additional tax on the modified adjusted gross income of an individual who does not obtain acceptable health coverage for the individual or dependents claimed on the individual’s tax return. Authorizes the Department of Treasury and the Exchange to establish a hardship exemption from the additional tax. Acceptable coverage includes grandfathered individual and employer coverage, certain government coverage (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, certain coverage provided to veterans, military employees, retirees, and their families, and members of Indian tribes), and coverage obtained pursuant to the Exchange or an employer offer of coverage. Did you understand any of that? Didn't think so.

And in a few places I think I am seeing some reduction in pre-tax advantages..... more swell.

Sec. 541. Disclosures to carryout health insurance exchange subsidies. Permits the Exchange to receive taxpayer return information from the Internal Revenue Service in order to assist the Exchange in determining subsidy eligibility. Insert raised eyebrow....

I skipped over the Medicaid/Medicare parts, sorry, but I'm not that versed in the subject to tell when they are getting screwed. I'm sure they are.

Here's a link if you want to check it out:

It loads very SLOWLY!!! I only got to page 40 something of 61 Detailed Summary before my computer said ENOUGH!

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butt neckid said...

I am going to need another set of eyes and two sets of glasses.....

no one will read this piece of crap, just vote for it and get it over with.......

where are a handfull of saudis with an airplane when you need 'em???