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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anti-Defamation League attempting to silence our dissent as sedition

Thanks to Hyscience where I first found this.

This is a direct link to the article. It is very long but very worth reading.

Very disturbing especially when combined with the continuing attempt for "net neutrality". No it's not dead, even after Comcast's victory, the "behind the scenes administration" is still trying to find a way around this.

They want to shut us up. Even if you don't agree with everything Glenn Beck says, he has been accused of sedition! This is too much. Dissent is American. Unless it is against this administration.

I'm not a fan of Bush, but even during the most vocal of criticism, days and weeks of Cindy Sheehan sitting outside his ranch, this former president only said "they have the right". That at least, was classy.

Our current administration however, seeks to prevent regular Americans from hearing other opinions, point out their hypocrisy, advise them of outright unethical if not illegal activities by members of his staff. On his behalf. We certainly can't count on the media to advise us of these activities, for the most part they are still in love with Obama and refuse to DO THEIR JOB!

After all, what was the original intent of the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Webmaster notes:

"In my opinion, the First Amendment is the single most important part of the Constitution. It protects some of the most basic human rights and reflects a view of the dangerous places government might tread.

The ability to speak your mind is a right that Americans take for granted. Imagine being too frightened by the possible consequences of speaking out to actually do so. Your opinion would not matter — even your vote would be corrupted. Even as important is the right to petition your government — not only can you have an opinion about your government, the government must listen to you (though it need not heed you — but that's what elections are for).

(deleted note pertaining to religion as that is not part of this particular discussion)

As for the press, the authors regarded a free press as almost a fourth branch of government, constantly keeping tabs on the government's activities and actions. Though today's tabloid papers and television might give one pause, this kind of trash is a small price to pay to ensure that any news organization can rest assured that it can report freely on the activities of the government. Many other organizations in other nations have to worry about toeing the state's line or be shut down. How objective do you think a reporter can be when his life could be ended because of a critical story?"

Authors, the Founding Fathers, regarded a free press as almost a fourth branch of government. That is how I grew up, how I almost became a journalist myself. It seemed to me, to be one of the most honorable and important careers, or calling, that an American could aspire to. "Report freely on the activities of the government." This is not reporting what they named the damn dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have become ashamed of our media. They no longer investigate the background of candidates or members of their cabinet.

This list is of past winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting. Some very interesting stories yes and worthy of investigation. But where is the next "Deep Throat"? Any story higher than an FBI level? Surely, there are stories to be had; is there a direct connection between ACORN and Obama? Did Ayers write Obama's memoirs? Just how much influence did he have on our President? Is there an agenda to take America into the World Order? Why did Soros' organization pay back the million dollars embezzled by a co-founder of ACORN?

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

If we as citizens and the media as investigators do not avail ourselves of our rights under the First Amendment, we stand to lose those rights.


Until they drag us away. ADL be damned.


butt unwilling neckid said...

well let me see if I have an answer to this taking away first ammendment rights from citizens...

could it be considered theft??? if so...shoot to kill anyone that wants to commit this crime...

is it a violation of human rights?? is the gubmint trying to take one of your inalienable rights??...use your second ammendment right...

if this keeps up there will and should be a revolution to oust the scumsuckin' politicians...from the top down...

times are bad and I fear that they are going to get much much worse...chaos follows...

tshirt doctor said...

well, Tea Parties have their own "free speech zones".

what does your bible say? "First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye."

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

What are you talking about Doc?

People of differing opinions than the tea party have been welcomed into the middle of their protests to ask questions and have been treated with respect. I have seen several blog entries talking about this.

Don't throw crap out without proof.

And it's not "my" bible thank you very much.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

What are you talking about Doc?

People of differing opinions than the tea party have been welcomed into the middle of their protests to ask questions and have been treated with respect. I have seen several blog entries talking about this.

Don't throw crap out without proof.

off the reservation said...

The Sedition Act of 1798. Several of the states passed resolutions denouncing it. Expired 1801. Several past judgments of the Supreme Court mention the Act in such a way as to as to suggest it would have been rendered unconstitutional had it been challenged. The passage and enforcement of this act is believed to have been one of the factors leading to the downfall of the Federalist Party. The Act did little to quell the open opposition that it was to penalize.

Sedition Act of 1918, signed by the Progressive Woodrow Wilson. At the time, the Republican Party opposed the legislation. The Act forbade the use of language that was derogatory to the United States Government. It allegedly applied when the US was at war. There are cases of US citizens prosecuted after the war. After the war other Democrats ran on the issue of creating a peacetime Sedition Act. Finally, repealed in 1920.

Never underestimate the willingness of a Congress to empower a President with the tools to carry out suppression using all the "best of intentions." And all we have to hope is that a Supreme Court will protect us. This country has, in the past, prosecuted and jailed people for saying things less harsh than the words used by Glenn Beck and other people at rallies in our present day country.

At what point will the people no longer be tolerant of further USeless Govt growth, further USeless Govt suppression? What will be categorized as the present day "Intolerable Acts?"

tshirt doctor said...

proof: Tea Party's been Neo-Conned Part 1 and 2 and 3

off the reservation said...


We are back to where we were. USeless Govt will continue to grow. The level of the tyranny will increase. The debt is spinning out of control. Liberals are moving us to a society where everyone works for the state. My vote does not matter, I lose everything. We have a police state that can break down my door any minute and incarcerate me indefinitely.

And do not tell me that Ron Paul is this answer. I have run into so many of his goons in Austin screaming obscenities at women and children, berating anyone that does not agree with every detail of Ron Paul's message. So as far as I am concerned, Ron Paul can kiss my ass.

So tell me, why should I not just take 2,000 rounds of ammo, a couple of AK-47s, RPGs, smoke grenades, and a Remington 700 and head into Austin and just start taking out liberals? I have lost everything to the liberals at this point. What is your answer? If every gathering of people just amounts to more liberal take over then we should just start the war this afternoon, right after lunch (I hate having to shoot people on an empty stomach)?

off the reservation said...

Oh, I did forget something. Those of us that are silly enough to believe that we ACTUALLY have liberties, freedoms, rights to property, right to actually keep some of what I earn, right to voice a different view, are just crazy. The new USeless Govt health plan board will be meeting soon to make sure that people that believe all those silly crazy things are sent to the appropriate hospital for rehabilitation. I think that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn would approve.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Doc I can't watch those at work, will later, but I've seen interviews with Ron Paul where he is much more complimentary than I guess that one is, don't know why he wouldn't like the over all idea of the tea party.

And hey, as I've said before there is NO 100% agreement in ANY party. Can you name one? No you can't.

But pick and choose. Overall, the movement is a great thing and people should be ashamed for trying to demonize them just like the democrats are doing.

I'll watch them later, but I think that one so-called reporter episode I have heard of and you may not have the full story.

But one more question for you: are they the government? No, they are not. The article I posted is a danger we face from our government, I'm very disappointed that you would attempt to stand up for them by attacking the tea party. Hey, my home is a zone where you can not say just anything you want, does that make me a neo-con? No, it's called respect and knowing the right place. Just like that disgusting so-called church group that chooses a soldier's funeral to protest gays.

off the reservation said...

Auntie Em,

You always say it much nicer than I do. I guess I am getting to be a nasty old injun who has had enough endeavoring to persevere. I just feel like I have a gun pointed at the back of my head and unfortunately it is not Clint Eastwood holding that old Colt. And every time I make something useful out of nothing there is a group of liberals scheming to take it all away. You have the patience that I no longer have.

tshirt doctor said...

what? you think i'm for the government by bashing the tea party for acting like the government?

i guess that people of differing opinions than the tea party have been welcomed into the middle of their protests is old hat now. that includes real conservatives who are ushered into their "free speech zones" instead of arrest.

butt nervious neckid said... you the ol' injun in Josie Wales???? liked him...

the domonCRAPs have something that the rePUBICans don't...UNITY!!!!

they will band together to dogfork a rePUBICan idea or person...sometimes I can't blame them...

rePUBICans have had the opprotunity to do good and right things and have fumbleforked it up...the next chance will be this coming nov. and I don't see the dumbasses making any changes in their behavior...same ol' shit, different day...


when the revolution starts...chose your side wisely...

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Doc how are they acting like the government? Again, you pick out a few cases that I still don't think you know the whole story about and condemn Americans for speaking against the government. JUST BECAUSE you don't agree with them 100%

Can you not see the hypocrisy of that? The tea party is NOT acting like the government, that is ridiculous. For all we know, those cases you posted were staged by the opposition anyway. There has been a lot of that.

The tea party has backed republicans, they have backed democrats, they have backed libertarians. What they are after is honesty of character. Vote the way you talk.

Isn't that a good thing? Of course it is! Are we going to agree with them 100%? Of course not!

Answer this question: what group do you agree with 100%?

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Butt you are right. Republicans have to be handled like a rattlesnake. Dig out those that say one thing and vote another.

And not just on the floor either. John Barrow it turns out is not such a Blue Dog as he'd have us think. His vote in committee enabled several bad bills to come to the floor for a vote that he then voted against.

Sounds like they allowed him to vote against if he just helped to get the bills to the floor.

He's outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have said, and the tea party has said, this election will determine if EITHER party survives, cause if they screw it up again, they are all out of here, cause I can see most of the voters going third party after another failure.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

I'm going to see if I can articulate this a little better.

Doc I really don't understand your position on this. For years, people like you have been yelling for Americans to wake up, quit drinking the kool-aid.

So now, Americans are starting to wake up, reading books on our history and legislative process, getting involved in politics. Questioning their representatives. Using their voices to let government know they are unhappy with the way BOTH parties have been running things.

And just because they don't act according to your program, and I'm including the Libertarian Party leaders in this, then I guess you think their efforts are wasted.

That sounds to me like the government wanting to shut us up for not agreeing with them.

Our founding fathers led the first tea party. But Ron Paul supporters act like it was their idea alone and the gall of the tea partiers to tarnish their efforts!

Hey, since when does an idea belong to one group or the other?

What these people want is more closely aligned with what the Libertarian Party wants than any other group out there. Does it match 100%? Of course not!

But we have a lot of the same goals and the same enemies. The progressives in power. We have to work together to bring back the power of the people.

AFTER that is accomplished, then we can have a debate of libertarians versus conservatives.

I don't have time for the jealous antics of the LP. The nation doesn't have time for it. And I'm a registered Libertarian, donate every month. But they are really acting like a bunch of spoiled brats and giving the party a bad name.

Keep your eye on the prize...

off the reservation said...

Auntie, I hope you are right. Voting time and again, watching everything get taken away is getting very old. I do not think that I can go another round. I am looking at these boards from HHS and wondering which one will decide I have outlived my usefulness. If one of those idiots starts looking for my plug then they better come with a SWAT team and an EOD unit.

They need to know they have to get it right THIS TIME! If not, there is not a NEXT TIME. That dope in the WH will have everything by then. This Health Law has made the USeless Govt a threat to my life.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

OTR I feel your pain! And I post everywhere I can that they get this shot to get it right. Hopefully it's getting around.

And dang it Doc, you made me use what was going to be my next post: "Letter to my Libertarian Friends"!!!

butt canadianbacon neckid said...

AUNTIE....when the dust settles in nov. we will see a few new faces...

BUT nuttin's gonna change...

until the scumsuckers FEAR us they will continue to "dis" us...

if the scumsuckers do the right thing where does their power go??? down the drain...

I'm all for changing how our gubmint works...I like that it used to move slowly...this modern jet powered system has to be stopped...

thugs have always been there butt have done things it's the "chicago way"...

so again "WE'S SKREWED!!"...where did all these dumbasses come from????

looking back to my days in uniform I was foolish...I was not fighting for freedom...I was fighting for my hindsight I should be speaking canadian now...

tshirt doctor said...

the original Tea Partiers had principles that they believed in. no taxes, no war, bring all of our troops home, no torture, no to the police militarisation, separation of the economy and state, leave Iran alone....

basically the tenants of the Libertarian Party. but that's gone the way of the Dodo bird.

if they got rid of their Neocon infiltrators i won't demonize them.

do you think anything will change once Palin gets elected?

Ivan said...

Are you guys starting to realize that Alex Jones has been pretty much 100% right about what is happening to our country? Sure Michael Savage to and Rush are covering all this to some extent, but Alex Jones has been covering this for 14 years and has warned the people over and over that this is all happening. Our country IS turning into a police state. This IS by design. It is not just a natural progression of things. It is being actively planned and managed.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Again Doc you are condemning them because they don't toe your line.

They have principles, but not everyone has yours or mine. They don't really need your approval anyway so go ahead and demonize them. You are in good company. Right up there with the Democrats.

Libertarians have some members that don't toe your line either, you gonna demonize them?

You didn't answer my question.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Never said Alex Jones was 100% wrong. But he has some wacko stuff on his site that I don't agree with.

But I certainly won't demonize him and his supporters the way people are demonizing the tea partiers. Right Doc?!

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

And you don't seriously think Palin will get elected?

Pay attention to the polls, even tea partiers don't think she's ready for the White House.

tshirt doctor said...

yeah, they have principles alright. the same principles of the no tax republicans. (but we'll tax you for the defense bill.) now that's a change isn't it?

Ivan said...

Joyce it isn't that Palin isn't ready for the Presidency. It is because the Tea Parties still have a large number of people that know the truth that she is a Neocon plant.

The simple fact that she was vetted by Henry Kissinger should immediately send the red flag up on Palin. Make no mistake Joyce the establishment Neocons are going to do everything they can in order to destroy the Tea Party or take it over in order to steer the Tea Parties back toward the same old Neocon agenda that they have promoted in the past.

You have to understand establishment Neocons and Libs are one and the same. They are Globalists. They are continually trying to trick us into accepting new draconian legislation by integrating it into any new "must pass" bill that comes down the pipe. These people are incredibly devious and we have to stop them.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Doc, you just don't pay attention to what they are saying, that is obvious. Quite a few of them want us out of Iraq and Afghan. I've even seen signs saying that.

But you keep spewing what you hear they are about instead of actually talking to them, that's your right.

You are wrong but that's your right.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Neocon plant puhlease!

She is a fund raiser. Hey according to Doc all the tea partiers are neocons. You guys can't even get on the same page!

The point is these people are waking up which is what you have wanted all along, but you can't stand it that they didn't drink your kool aid.

You cannot demonize these people and claim to be against the powers that be. They are working against those very same powers. They might not take the same path, but we'll all get there.

This post started out about how the government is trying to silence us, and has turned into the Doc and Ivan attempt to silence the tea party.

Sorry, but I gotta call you out on this: hypocrites.

Tim said...

Someone tell me, just what in the heck is a neo-con? Compare and contrast with a regular "con" and I am talking conservative not convict:).

I am for fiscal responsiblity, am I a neo-con or a con. I believe in a strong national defense, con or neo-con? I believe in the sanctity of life, con or neo-con? I want to stop illegal immigration, con or neo-con? I want smaller government with lower taxes, con or neo-con?

I hear these terms thrown around and I take it they are meant as derogatory, much like the abused and overused "Wing Nut" you see at democrat underground or The Daily Beast commentary.

Tim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ivan said...

Joyce. There is nothing wrong with the Tea Partiers haha. I am saying that their leadership is herding them toward a FAKE Conservative agenda.

Blowing up Iran IS NOT a good idea. Going into Afghanistan and Iraq WAS NOT a good idea. Creating a draconian Patriot Act WAS NOT a good idea.

You are right Palin is a fund raiser, but she is also a Neocon plant. She believes NOTHING she says.

I have distanced myself from the Tea Parties cause I KNOW FOR A FACT that if the Democrats don't somehow shut down the Tea Parties the Republicans will. Hell Newt Gingrich has actually called the Tea Party the militant arm of the Republican party. I promise the rhetoric will get worse.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Yes Tim it is a much ill used term. Beginning to lose it's meaning just like the over use of the term racist. Neocon is used whenever a conservative does not toe the line of another conservative or a libertarian. We know what we believe and the hell with these stupid terms.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Ivan I haven't heard anyone in the tea party talking about blowing up Iran. I don't think you understand them anymore than the democrats. There are many different groups within the tea party, each one can have it's own personality. Some are more libertarian than others. There is NO one leader. So no one is leading them anywhere.

They just aren't going your way.

And you know what? That's ok!

tshirt doctor said...

i have more bad news to bring to you. santa claus doesn't exist. no north pole hideaway, nothing.

sorry, i have to tell this. and i know it hurts you. but they've lied to you this whole time. don't get mad at me. i'm just the messenger. don't put me down because i see the truth.

if you want to believe in santa clause it is your right. as for me, i don't believe in santa clause anymore.


Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Doc I know you THINK you are educating me, but actually you are just spouting off your typically cynical view of the world in general.

I don't think there is anything you approve of. But you haven't proven your point either.

And you still haven't answered my question.

tshirt doctor said...

i guess the question you asked was "Doc, how are they acting like the government?". relegating people that disagree with to zones of free speech.

but i know what you going to say. he was a plant. someone to make the tea partiers look bad. how dare he have a vampire-like picture of sarah palin, or the joker-inspired picture of obama on his sign! i wonder which one is the reason he got kicked out?

off the reservation said...


Couple of things.

First, I have been to the North Pole. North Pole, Alaska. Right off the highway there is Santa's little house. They used to have lots of helper "elves" that would come in around Christmas and spend their time answering letters and helping the Post Office stamp "North Pole, AK" on the return letters just for the "wee ones." It was a nice place to be, until liberals shut it down with nonsense about them having children stalkers/pedophiles working for them. It does not matter if you believe anymore or if you ever did. They brought some happiness to a lot of people that wanted an opportunity to escape oppression, killings, rape, and tyranny for a little while. When I was in the Army stationed in Alaska, I used to enjoy taking a bus with my troops over there to do some volunteer help. There is so much death and suffering in the world, it was a relief.

Next, I have been to several tea party rallies from San Antonio up through Marble Falls. I come with my long hair down to my ass, tie-die shirt, jeans, and sandals. I have a little Gadsden Flag and usually a sign that says "Stop the Obama Oppression" or "Stop the Obama Debt" or "Obama's Government is Unsustainable." Nobody has kicked me out. Never been ostracized.

Now if I walked in there with a sign with Swastikas on it saying something like "Obama is a Nazi" I would expect someone to ask me to politely put it away. These are people trying to respectfully get a message across. They are very clean and leave the place better than they found it.

Overall, I have never felt that they were being exclusive or trying to be confrontational.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

No Doc, that was not the question.

Is there any group that you agree with 100%?

And could you kindly address the original subject matter instead of hijacking the thread? The way you are carrying on you must think the tea party is a bigger threat than the government.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Getting back to the ORIGINAL issue here, Joan also has several dvd's out that you can buy.

On that same page is an interesting one on the North American Union, I've written about that too. Maybe that is why Obama and company are not overly concerned with closing our southern border.

tshirt doctor said...


get a haircut, a real suit, and get a real job!


i knew i couldn't that whole thing out without puking. :O)

i'm glad you had a pleasant day at a tea party rally. that don't mean that neocon infiltrators haven't been at work.

what would you say if the Republican Party reversed it's on welfare? welfare to everyone!!!

that's how i feel with the tea party. to go from this libertarian group to a group who has anybody joining it, if my may quote re-Joyce, "AFTER that is accomplished, then we can have a debate of libertarians versus conservatives." she mean neo-consevatives on that one. do you think neo-conservatives will debate anyone about anything? and if you believe that one, i have a spot of green cheese to sell you.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Doc who the hell are you to say what I mean!

Doesn't sound like we can really debate anything with you! You claim to be a REAL libertarian but yet you stick up for health care reform.

I guess you think the financial reform is a good idea too. What does that make you? What is the neo version for libertarian? Neo-Lib? Or does that just make you a closet liberal?

What group do you agree with 100%?

off the reservation said...


Hey! I cannot grow a beard so I grow my hair. But, if you can get close enough to me with a knife to cut my hair then by all means cut away! :)

Seriously, I do understand presenting yourself in the appropriate attire for your target group; however, I cannot escape the fact that I have tribal traits from my heritage. My tribe does dress in a colorful fashion. When I attended the Tea Party rallies I attended as myself, not portraying a business. I have been around people with bigoted and racist views. Attended a KKK rally once as the pinata of the night and was left for dead. So, I think I know what racists look and act like. Did not sense any bigots at the rallies.

These folks are just good people. We have the same major/global views. I would be shocked if all of a sudden they wanted welfare for all. Many of them have taken the time to reread or read "Common Sense, the Rights of Man" "A Patroit's History of the US" "How Progressives Rewrote the Constitution" "Downsizing the Federal Government" "Liberal Fascism" "The Federalist Papers" "Democracy in America" and even "The US Constitution".

I have spoken to a number of people at the rallies. Are a number of them unhappy that some people might be trying to "ride the tide?" Yes, most definitely. I am a bit angry that Perry is doing his schtick. But, it has not stopped me from going and talking to and being with these people, many of them business owners, well educated, educators, and hard workers.

The way I look? I find it breaks the ice and we all have a good laugh. You might be very surprised to find out how much the republic form of the pre-1860 US Govt was like the form of government that existed with the Lower Muscogee Nation, before Andrew Jackson broke them.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Damn OTR that KKK stuff got to me!

Thanks for sharing your tea party experience.

Sometimes I think Doc argues just to be arguing for arguments sake. Boy was that redundant.

tshirt doctor said...

i haven't advocated the US corporatization of the US health care. i just wanted people to be informed about what they were talking about. you know and i know that people who don't think have lots of opinions. :O)

i agree with myself, most of the time.


Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Unfortunately, your attempts to "educate" people quite often takes away from the real subject.


butt drunkagain neckid said...

Tshirt.....NO SANTA?????

I am now going to drink myself to 6 pack at a time....

this will be comment 45....colt 45...