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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Check out this blog I found.

Will add to my list.


off the reservation said...

William Ayers is a real piece of work.

When I look at the Russian Revolution of the early 1900's I notice how a handful of crazy people in key positions get everything started, unless the Rasputin guy is something you aspire to.

Then I look at how things started for the Third Reich. A few crazy people in key positions.

It is not the protesters on the outside that start the revolution. It is the crazy people in key power positions on the inside that get the ball rolling. Now we have Obama and all his crazy people in key positions. The liberals have spent the last 20-30 years emasculating the upper level military leaders.

Looks to me like everything is ready to fly apart.

butt ain'thappy neckid said... finally saw the hand written note I left on the wall...

you are right about our neutered flag ranks...limp weenie adm. mullet is a prime 'xample...and his favorite butt kisser mg cleveland falls in right "behind"..

lock n' load...