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Thursday, June 24, 2010

DDay Photos

These are amazing pictures! I didn't realize there were so many air ships with the invasion and you never see in the movies that the rifles were wrapped in plastic. Many many other details.

Thanks to our men and women in the service.


butt (_E=MC2_) neckid said...

AUNTIE those a barrage ballons... they ease out the tethers for aircraft protection...if they snag a wing or sumpin' else..oooops..

Tim said...

Amazing pictures. I wonder if the US could do something like WWII again. I don't think we could summon the will or make the sacrifices that generation did.

J Cooper said...

Yes indeed,great pics,seems we have some LED ZEPPLIN fans there also.

And yes Tim,I think we could summon the will,especially if it were brought to us.

I think you would be amazed!!

But keep your head down...