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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Senate backs Israel Blockade

87 out of 100 senators signed letter to President Obama stating their support for Israel in it's blockade of Gaza.

Yes I'm sure Doc will have something to say about AIPAC

If the flotilla people really cared about Gaza, they would submit to search just like international law requires and the aid would make it to Gaza. But they really don't care, they just want to stir up shit. For their Muslim radical buddies.


butt skeptial neckid said...

yeah don't mean a thang...

J Cooper said...

Do any of us really think Obama gives a shit what these 87 Senators have to say on this matter.The man does not care.He is a Muslim, rag head dirt bag.It's just a thing,it don't mean nothing.Blow the Fuckers out of the water. WW3 here we come!!!

off the reservation said...

Our President, I mean, our Emperor, I mean our Sheik, that is it, our Sheik could care less about any senate or any lawful blockade. Rules? The rules do not apply to Sheik B. Hussien Obama.

tshirt doctor said...

what i don't understand is why you people will support one terrorist group over another.

the first car bombing ever was "...January 12, 1947 when the Stern Gang drove a truckload of explosives into a British police station in Haifa, Palestine, killing 4 and injuring 140".

the stern gang was part on again and off again with the Irgun terrorist organization.

"Critics of the Irgun have seen it as a terrorist organization. It was legally classified as such by the new State of Israel in 1948.

The Irgun was a political predecessor to Israel's right-wing Herut (or "Freedom") party, which led to today's Likud party. Likud has led or been part of most Israeli governments since 1977."

Menacham Begin, later to become prime minister if Israel, and was was leader of Irgun, who hung two british sergeants who they kidnapped earlier.

do you see history repeating itself here?

hamas and israel are the same thing. only separated about 59 or 75 or 100 years.

and this raid of the gazan flotilla, will this be a replay of the Exodus 1947 ship?

J Cooper said...

Dang Doc,you people,you people.WTF

If I didn't know you better,I'd think you was racist.

Now check out my earlier post,clearly I am... I'm racist against anyone that would kill women and children, up to and including our own government. But hey am old and dumb, I expect better from a younger, better educated individual, like yourself.

Do I see history repeatin itself??
You bet I do,happens all the time,funny thing is, the older you get the more it happens.

Hangin Brits,don't mean nothing,seems we've wasted a few in our history.

If I were Emperor, I would pull all our troops home.I'd put them all in Butts back yard, to defend our border.Maybe some in Miami to cover my back.

Have you every heard of the ERIC GALES??? Blues player out of Memphis. Check out his latest CD,Story of my life.. See there is common ground. HEHEHE.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Yeah Doc and only a little over 200 years separates King George from the terrorists in Washington!!!!


What is so honorable about the Palestinian extremists that need your support? Aid is getting through. If the people would throw out their terrorist leaders and work with the Israelis honestly, everyone could come to an agreement!

tshirt doctor said...

aid? you mean foodstuffs. welfare. that reminds me of the American Indian who got the beef from the American government. that's so far from “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”. isn't that something you "libertarians" would not agree on?

but the israeli's won't allow various fishing nets,
ropes for fishing, fishing rods,seeds and nuts,dairies for cowsheds, irrigation pipe systems,planters for saplings, heaters for chicken farms,horses, donkeys, goats, cattle, chicks, through their blockade. not to mention plaster or tar or wood for construction or cement.

200 years? it's got to be less than that now. in 1985 Presidente Reagan had the Taliban wannabe's in the oval office calling them "freedom fighters" and had heralded them as having the "moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers". it was barely 12 or so years later they were given the terrorist name. since the world is moving at a faster pace exponentially it ought 4 or 5 years now.

it's so nice the you've forgiven the Israeli's for the Liberty escapade, and that you bought the Israeli propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

i don't like the Hamas extremists one bit. and i don't like the Israeli extremists one bit either.

What is so honorable about the Israeli extremists that need your support? Aid is not getting through. If the people would throw out their terrorist leaders and work with the Palestinians honestly, everyone could come to an agreement!

butt dryheat neckid said...

heeeeeeeey!!!!!! what the hell did I do?????????

you keep dem sumbitches outa my hunnies garden....

history??? whats dat??? COOP...the older you get the more it happens????'s your short term memory that is at fault... I think. just like stirring the pot for your own amuzement...admit it we won't tell...

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

And you bought the Hamas propaganda if you think aid is not getting through.

The Israelis wouldn't bother anyone, if the Gazans didn't keep bombing buses, markets, schools, etc.

Taliban made the mistake of working with the wrong people. Actions have results.

Some people will not be happy till there is another Jewish holocaust. Are you one of those? Hamas is.

Maybe you'd rather teach our children this kind of behaviour:

tshirt doctor said...

speaking of holocausts, what a the one that Israel keeps warning the Gaza's people Israel is going to do to them?

"Israel's deputy defence minister has said Israel will have "no choice" but to invade Gaza if Palestinian militants step up rocket attacks.

Matan Vilnai said Palestinians risked a "shoah", the Hebrew word for a big disaster - and for the Nazi Holocaust."

"The biblical word
(שואה), also spelled Shoa and Sho'ah, meaning "calamity" in Hebrew (and also used to refer to "destruction" since the Middle Ages), became the standard Hebrew term for the 20th century Holocaust as early as the early 1940s. In recent literature it is specifically prefixed with Ha ("The" in Hebrew) when referring to Nazi mass-murders, for the same reason that holocaust becomes The Holocaust. It may be spelled Ha-Shoah or HaShoah, as in Yom HaShoah, the annual jewish "Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day". "

why do we support the governments who have learned so little from history?

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Why do you support a government (Hamas) that is nothing but violent.

Wouldn't be the first time either side has talked as such. In fact Iran threatens extinction of Israel almost every month.

How is this different? Sit back, relax, all we can do is watch.

tshirt doctor said...

Why do you support a government (Israel) that is nothing but violent?

and i don't support Hamas any more than i support Israel. i've said it before but i guess you didn't hear me. they're all the same.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

See you SAY you don't support Hamas but you only come up with crap against Israel. Israel is not violent unless they are under attack. As you stated in your quote: if Palestinian militants step up rocket attacks.

Note the "if", no action otherwise.

So yes, your actions more than your words, support Hamas.

tshirt doctor said...

Israel is not violent unless they are under attack.

who told you that? the mainstream media?

i only talk about Israel because the lies they keep distributing out to the main street press. and the american public who can't be bothered to read both sides of the argument.

why were they under attack you don't seem to ask. if we had todays press in 1773 the patriots reasoning behind the Tea Party would not be discussed and they'll be called terrorists.

here is a christian arab village that closed and destroyed by the jewish government that you love so much.

the jewish government destroyed hundreds of arab villages and towns. of course you will find some justification for it.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

And maybe you get some of your info thanks to PR firms being paid to bash Israel.

I have some acquaintances who work in Israel. American Contractors. That is where I get a lot of my info from, on the ground. You shouldn't make assumptions on my sources. He grieves every year in March of the death of many of his colleagues (Americans) caught in the brutality of Hamas bombings.

Also, this is how aid gets to Gaza:,7340,L-3899252,00.html


Now back to your examples, still from 1948-1951. I deal in more recent. Kidnapping of Shalit, threats of further kidnappings and violence. All from Hamas.

Not all Israelis lack sympathy for Irqui: "Neither story ends there, however. In 1972 the issue flared up again when members of the two communities made their regular trip to repair the churches in the abandoned villages, and then refused to leave. They were forcibly removed but a delegation of Jews traveled from Tel Aviv to demonstrate solidarity with them." from one article I found. I think eventually they will win back their villages.

War is hell, and both sides make mistakes. But in the long run, Israelis are more honorable than Hamas. Is a peace can be found, they will rectify as much as they can.

Not their home?

I also had a friend while living in Atlanta, that was originally from that region and was a "Palestinian". He is totally against Hamas and realizes they will be the end of his people is not voted out.

tshirt doctor said...

honor is dead when war breaks out. neither side has it.

SFCRet, wrote today "Foreign troops? Begging for a massacre if they appear on the streets trying to impose their will."

isn't this is what the Palestinians went through? boatload after boatload of Caucasian jews from Europe who were given their land by the UN?

why is it good for us, but bad for the Palestinians?

i get my sources from jews, or the BBC. where do you get your news from, the mainstream media, or from your friends who probably never left israeli territory?

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Well if you have looked at the Lebanese journalist link I posted, (or studied history) the Jews have been in that land a lot longer than the Arabs. So they see it as the Arabs being the invaders. Everything is a matter of perspective. Long before the British gave it back. Like I've said before, probably not the best move for the region by the British, but it's done and the only way to undo it is war, massive war. Is that what you want? Do you have any other solution? No, you just bad mouth the Israelis.

SFC was right, not likely to happen here as our troops would not fight with them as some think would happen. Not hardly the same as the Israeli/Palestinian fight. The Israelis are willing to provide land for them. But Hamas is not willing to settle for that. Can you state without going off on any other tangent, what it would take for Hamas to be happy?

tshirt doctor said...

well, the jews gave up the land because around 1915 they only had about 7 or 8 percent of the population. and the PLO was offered 10% of Israel. no one in their mind would agree to that. especially when they had a civil war when they were offered 45%.

the solution is all the Israeli hands, because they have all the power. but they don't want it because they want the Pals to be so miserable that they will move away on their own.

what i like is Palestinian Christians are abused as much as Palestinian Muslims. i would why we don't that on the news?

you bad mouth the government of Venezuela every day, it's alright in America. but when i bad mouth the government of Israel, it's raises hackles on everyone's neck. i wonder why? :O)

tshirt doctor said...

oh yeah, i love you anyway, you thick headed woman!!!!