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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

UPDATE *** "Who are you going to kill today?"

This has to be the most arrogant man in Congress. I thought Joe Biden was bad but he could take lessons from Stark

Here's the write up from Fox News. I was yelling at this fool when he was spouting off.


I don't care how you feel about the immigration issue, no politician has the right to belittle constituents this way, about ANY issue.

UPDATE *** This explains so much. He's a Progressive!


off the reservation said...

He reminds me of some of those older gentlemen Democrats in South Florida when I was growing up.

When I was a young teenager walking back from an after-mass function that a Catholic Parish held, an old man in his 60s Chevrolet Impala stopped and got out with some young men accompanying him. He asked my two other cousins and me where we got such nice clothes. One boy spoke and was slapped to the ground for being a liar. While holding baseball bats and a crowbar, they "asked" us to remove our shirts and pants, they took them, "injuns" would have to steal to have something that nice. The old man removed his leather belt and whipped us while telling us that we would get worse if he caught us stealing again.

The clothing were given to us by those Catholics. We wore them to the mass out of respect for the gifts they had given us. The Catholic Church also provided most of our education, which received a great deal of acrimony from the Democrat KKK in South Florida.

That is the Democrat Party. They make up whatever charges they want. They take everything that belongs to you. Then they give you an ass whipping.

And you will like it.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

That hurts my heart to think we treated anyone that way, especially children.

But here we are today, with politicians thinking it's ok to disrespect American citizens while catering to illegal aliens. Or any excuse they can come up with to demonize regular Americans.

off the reservation said...

Auntie, you did not treat me that way and you have nothing to be blamed for. There are bad people of every color. There were (and probably still exist) Miccosuki on my reservation that killed newborns if they were not pure blood (and even more disgusting things).

I recognize the behavior in that clip. It brings back bad memories. The Democrat/Liberal party has never changed. They became better at redefining words to hide their true nature.

off the reservation said...

For those of you who have not been along the border in Texas, many of the buildings, livestock, and wild animals have been hit by gun shots. I see more than my share of dead animals when I work down there.

A number of the rounds I pick out of the animal carcasses appear to be .300 Winchester Mag rounds. This is significant since I know the M24 Sniper Weapon system converted from the 175grain M118 round to the 190grain .300 round for greater range. I am seeing dead animals in areas along the Rio Grande on properties where the distance is 800 to almost 1,200 yards from high points on the other side of the river. At closer ranges I can find carcasses with embedded tracer rounds.

When I look at the buildings, I can align holes back to specific spots that would accommodate a person trying to obtain a long range shot. In some cases, their best shot groups (assuming they are trying to obtain a shot group when I see three or more in an area on a building) look to be as bad as 20 inches (apparently, trainees).

What I find disturbing about the areas in Arizona blocked from the public is that they provide a "ready-made" range where people can practice sniping. It is virtually clear every day. Techniques for reading shadows, reading wind velocity/direction from plant movement and heat mirages, computing "come-ups" over various elevations can all be taught here without outside interference. Ranges for targets over 1,000 yards can be set up using natural backstops. Various training techniques for night operations can also be conducted.

If I was a Mexican Drug War Lord looking for a place to establish my logistics, center for communications, small team tactics training, sniper training, all out of reach of the Mexican Federals and the US Border Patrol then southern Arizona where Obama shut off our lands would be great. Further, it appears that they are getting US Military gear for conducting their war against US citizens.

Obama is providing serious material assistance to highly sophisticated and dangerous criminals. This type of behavior would be considered traitorous in a number of circles.

Wow, Happy Fourth of July. Our ruler is trying to kill us.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Where does he stop? When the drug lords take over that area, then will O give up the next section of Arizona? Is that a back handed way of just giving the state back to Mexico?

We've been wanting to travel to Arizona for years, but is it going to be there for us to see?

off the reservation said...

I think that it goes much further than that. We have a president who is teaming up with his support base to isolate Arizona. Allowing other state and municipal entities to erect blockades and boycotts against a state flies in the face of the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution.

He is supporting race-based force tactics like those displayed by the Black Panthers in Philadelphia. Black Panthers are free to dress up in para-military garb brandishing weapons in front of poling stations.

He has done nothing to emphasize the importance of protecting the states of the Gulf against a large oil spill (in fact, would argue that he is allowing Federal agencies to erect procedural barriers). Further, he has barred much of the media from covering the oil spill problems in the Gulf in violation of the First Amendment.

Obama has become a tyrant that has no problem with US citizens being killed for his agenda. Today it is Arizona being isolated, cut off, disparaged, in true Alinsky style. The more he behaves as a tyrant, the more people will revolt. Like many tyrants drunk with their own power, Obama must believe that driving a revolt will give him ultimate power. He is a lawyer, not a historian; otherwise, he would know that his current path is a short one.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

I don't think it is just him. This is the progressive way. They know from past experience that they can only work their agenda so far before we get fed up. Then they go back in hiding. Happened in the late 1800's, 1916-1919, 1929-45 (that one really cost us) and now. He will push through as much as we allow regardless of his re-election chances. He no longer cares about that cause he and the other progressives see that their time is limited. But they will be very pleased with the "progress" they have made in this go around. But they will try again, when they think we have once again, gone to sleep.

off the reservation said...

I just listened to some audio from this nut job, Sep 3, 2009:

He said to another audience that basically the National Debt is a way of measuring the wealth of the nation. As in, the more in debt you are, the more wealthy you are.

Then when he is pressed to offer an explanation, he begins to chew off the head of the man asking questions. Stark tells the man asking him questions he is totally stupid and does not understand wealth. It sounds like Stark has some strange tangential notion of Keynesian economics, and I am stretching to describe where he is coming from.

This is progressive-ism at its best. The progressives are going to ruin us. Think about it. Pelosi goes off on some tangent about unemployment checks creating jobs. The war is coming, folks....

off the reservation said...

But why stop with Stark and Pelosi? What about Clinton and Byrd????

Clinton got up and said of Byrd:

"He once had a fleeting association with the Ku Klux Klan, what does that mean? I'll tell you what it means. He was a country boy from the hills and hollows from West Virginia. He was trying to get elected,"

So, let us parse what is being said here. To do so properly, we need to know more about the KKK association of Byrd.

In the early 1940s, Byrd recruited over 150 of his friends into the KKK. Doing so earned him the title of Kleagle (lead recruiter). Later, he was elected to the rank of Exalted Cyclops. In 1947 he wrote to the Grand Wizard in his area:

"The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia and in every state in the nation."

By this time, he was in his late 20s to early 30s. It was not until he ran for the US House of Representatives in 1952 that he claims that he dropped his membership in the KKK.

So, let us return to Clinton and what this says about everyone involved. Clinton's comment about fleeting, an out right lie. Twelve years of very active involvement is NOT fleeting.

Following further on Clinton's comments, Byrd joined the KKK as a political expediency. So what is worse, a man who joins an organization that hangs innocent people for ethical reasons or joins an organization that hangs innocent people out of political necessity? By the way, Byrd joined the KKK before he had any notion of getting into politics. For Clinton, hanging people out of political expediency must be ok for Democrats.

But let us not stop there. What does Clinton say about the people of West Virginia? The people of West Virginia would only elect a man because he is a member of the KKK? So, juxtapose this with Kagan's comments (remember that Kagan worked for Clinton) about the NRA and KKK and what do we have? Clinton's impression of West Virginia is that they are a bunch of backward gun toting and white robed bigots.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

...and yet they were not so kind to Strom Thurmond who never was part of the KKK...

I know who you were listening to yesterday!!!

these people make me sick

J Cooper said...

Is it just me?? Or is anybody else tired.I come off the road,come to the Lib Woman to see whats going on and BAM,this just slams me in the face.

OTR,I'M ready,but I sense it's time to really get ready.I can't talk about it here,but I'm done,stick a fuckin fork in me.Sorry EM,I don't mean to be rude,but I've had it with these assholes.It takes all I have to just sit and wait for NOV.And for what,more scumsucking assholes to muck it up.

I feel the need to really go off on somebody,but I know that's what they want,their just pushing to the limit.And their doing a good job.

I worry about my shipmate out west,and hope he knows he has a place to go,if he needs one.


Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

You are right Coop, they are just salivating over some tea party violence or one of their own getting shot at by a "citizen". That would give them the excuse to "take advantage of a crisis".

Take a breath, drink a beer. We have to outwait them.

word verification: rudes. Seriously!

butt revolutionary neckid said...

I spent some time behind the sights of an ol' friend...the M2 50 cal...twin mounts on the bow of my fiberglass hulled MKII nick name came to me bcuz it's better to fight tomorrow than die today...

I told every member of my crew...we are here to make the ememy do the honorable thing..."die for their country"...they were threatened with dubble death...if they got killt I'd bring 'em back to life and kill them myself...I was the only member of the crew that almost got the dubble death treatment...

I will willingly shoot the invaders of my country...but I need training in the art of ground warfare. navy boot camp and NIOTC Mare Island didn't cover that much...and as far as SERE training....I was a baaaaaaaaad boy...the penalty box seemed to have my name on it...

revolution hell yes!!! as much as I hate this phrase..."let's git 'er done!"...

off the reservation said...

I went to:

Gave my money. Go Brewer!

We have so many monarchs running our USeless Govt. The Govt does not protect people any longer. Obama is exacting some form of revenge against the people of this country. Obama is serving his own purposes, he is not a servant of the people. We have a few people that are bringing the power of the govt against the people.

Coop, we must be getting close to throwing them out. They are getting more outrageous against us. Something is going to happen soon. Stock up the ammo. Practice, practice, practice. Be aware of your surroundings. Stay alert.

Butt, we will need those deuce 50's. Keep 'em clean and ready.

off the reservation said...


When it comes to training there is one thing my drill sergeant did that saved my life. In basic, I was laying on my ass in the sand pit holding my pugil stick. Sergeant leaned down with his knee into my chest, grabbed the face mask of my helmet, and yelled at me for dying in his pit. He got his face into my face and yelled at me that if I died on his battle field he would go to hell and whip my ass because I was just some whimpy sorry ass sleeping in his pit (much profanity left out).

I was pissed. I was roaring, veins bulging pissed, so pissed, I ripped the other guy over into the other pit. I did not know it then, but my drill sergeant saved my life.

A number of years later, I am a major with two soldiers standing beside a road. All three of us get blown across the road. They died. My ears are ringing so loud I cannot describe the pain. My head was swimming dizzy and pounding like a bat beating the back of my head. Parts of my body aching like hell and others just numb. Spitting out blood from my mouth and nose. Slowly going blind and dark. I could see blood spurting out in front of me coming from somewhere on my head, keeping time with my heartbeat. I could feel warm blood pooling up under me. I was starting to feel cold and shiver. While laying there my body was telling me to just rest. Just sleep. Sleep would make it better. Just go to sleep. I was in intense pain and yet very calm and going to sleep.

Then I remembered my drill sergeant. I was dying and he was going to kick my ass for being a pussy. I got pissed. I thought of everything that pissed me off. I got angry. I got intense hatred and anger deep down in my belly. I was royally pissed for being so effing stupid. It cost two of my men and I was going too. I wanted to kill the SOB that did this and I was not going to make him happy and die. I was not going to give in. Satan would not have my ASS today! Nobody was going to pull my butt out of that ditch but ME!

I guess when it comes down to it, it comes down to focus. Harness your anger. Anger is the great motivator. Great anger helps you focus on your goal and saves your butt. Do not let your anger overcome you. Learn to make it work for you. Learn to turn it off and on at will.

Every normal person has fear. Learn to turn that fear into anger that you control. Everything else, be aware of everything around you. We all have something in us that tells when something is not right. Learn to tap into that. Have a plan. Have a plan for everything and practice.

Practice key tasks in unnatural positions. Practice break down and reassembly of the Glock, behind your back, hanging upside down on the hottest day and coldest night of the year. Learn to reload and rechamber your Glock with only your weak side arm.

There is plenty we can all do to practice. Try to put 100 rounds through some weapon every weekend. Return to the basics, grip, sight picture, trigger pull, stance. Get someone to critique you.

We can do it. We can always practice. Always scan the terrain and look for advantage positions. You can train mentally and develop a discipline. Then we be patient. Be ready and pray that we can put servants back at the head of our country.

Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

Obama is getting revenge OTR, his grandfather in Africa was tortured by the British. Guess that was why he sent the bust of Churchill back to the Brits.

Great posts on patience. We all need that now. Yesterday I must have asked three people "are we going to make it another four months?".

I just feel like I've had it up to here (holding hand over my 5'8").

J Cooper said...

EM,relax,take a breath,drink a glass of wine.It works!!

A friend gave me that advice a couple of days ago,and it worked great.

I grabbed my rod and reel,my dog,six pack on ice and hit the lake in my john boat.

Stayed out on the water till the sun set,five beers,three milk bones and no damn fish for dinner later, I came off the water. But I felt much better. Thanks,I guess it's the little things.

off the reservation said...

I have some extra "pain relievers" from the VA. And there is that morphine pump. Been moderating my blood pressure pretty good.

I feel gooooooooo.......


Auntie Em/Libertarian Woman said...

LOL!!!! I had a morphine pump for my surgery but they had it hooked up to some breathing do-hickey, every time my oxygen reading would get below 8, an alarm would go off and I couldn't use the pump till my breathing went back up. Got NO sleep that night.

J Cooper said...

Oh,now I get it.I'm drinkin beer to stay sane in the mist of all this progressive bullshit.EM&OTR are pumpin morphine.WTF/LOL.Ain't no way that's fair!!!